Contactless card is missing

Hello, I asked for a New card a couple of months ago, and the new one wasn’t contactless, so I asked for a New one last week and this arrived today, but it isn’t contactless again… So, I wonder if Monzo doesn’t have contactless cards now… someone could give an answer about this?

They are contactless, have you actually tried it.

Can I also get one? Mine is getting rather old …

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I can’t believe support didn’t tell you it was contactless instead of sending another one.

The logo is on the back


Did you order one yourself in app or ask someone in app chat?

If it’s the latter that’s ridiculous because the logo is on the back of the card!

Edit: Revels beat me to it :laughing:


Yes, I tried… I activated the card and did the first transaction using the pin, but after that the contactless didn’t work, I did try to use it in different shops and also tried to pay on the bus.

Oh, this happened with the one that ordered 2 months ago… the new one I don’t use it yet.

Eh so you’ve got the new one but not tried it :thinking: if so go try it, you should be fine. I’d be surprised 2nd one in a row is faulty too. Could happen I suppose.

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What happens when you try contactless (after your first chip and PIN transaction)?

It would be quite the feat if two cards in a row have the same faults.

Monzo don’t do non-contactless cards (so far as I am aware).


I wouldn’t be surprised if they did – lots of banks have internal eligibility criteria for contactless card, and if the customer is deemed a risk/ineligible then no contactless

Interesting. Be curious to know if that’s the case with Monzo.

In my mind if someone isn’t eligible for contactless then they wouldn’t be eligible for Monzo, since Monzo don’t have to provide a basic bank account option.

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I have a feeling Starling do the same too, although that’s based on nothing more than a vague memory of having read it on Twitter or someplace similar

I think @coffeemadman is correct.

I seem to recall a few topics in the past where people were asking for non-contactless cards to be a thing. Or at least a toggle in the app.

Some that found neither was an option resorted to punching a hole through the card to disable it.

Found a quote from an ex-monzo person:

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