Contactless symbol removal

I was wondering why the cards have a contactless symbol on them. It’s my card, so I’ll know if it is or it isn’t contactless, however if I lose it and someone finds it, they wouldn’t know. Or even they would look, see that’s it doesn’t have the contactless symbol so wouldn’t attempt it try spending on it.
Scratching it off myself would make it obvious but maybe as an extra security for the monzo mateys you could stop printing it on there. :slight_smile:


To let you know it supports contactless. It “may” be ok to not have the symbol if you use the card regularly. However if you don’t how do you know when you go to use it if it’s contactless or not.

In the event of loss not having the symbol would not stop someone trying to use it on a contactless terminal.

If you lose it freeze the card in app.


They would assume it (as most cards have contactless now?) or just scan it with their phone.

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There are still cards which do not support contactless, therefore the symbol is to clearly let you know it supports contactless. If you were to open a card based savings account and banks no longer printed the contactless symbol, some person would try and use it for contactless and be annoyed/complain about it.

Me and a friend have the same Amex but I have an old batch with no contactless symbol.

Every time we go out, without fail, a waiter will tap his card and insert mine into the card reader :man_facepalming:

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Draw it on with tipp-ex? :grin:

It’s my card, I know it supports contactless and I can easily remember that. Do people really forget this kind of stuff so easily??
Freezing is fine once you realise, I’m looking more into the fact it’s an advertisement. If it didn’t have it, a chance theif might not want to run the risk of tapping a card without the symbol at a checkout

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Good idea. Im now using my art skills and permanent markers to convert the symbol into something new :peace_symbol:

Very good point. To help others makes perfect sense :pray:t3:

So when it gets delivered with no contactless symbol. How do you know it’s contactless or not?


I’m looking around the internet and I can see that including the symbol forms part of best practice guidelines. There is a link that in preview shows it’s part of MasterCard guidelines but that’s a 404 when I try to view it. In general it looks like they have to include it but the information is too tedious to read in much detail :sleeping:


I lose it and someone finds it, they wouldn’t know

You’re essentially advocating for security by obscurity. We all know that doesn’t work.

Your main line of defense is the bank being liable for fraud. Your second line is freezing the card which limits short-term damage so your account doesn’t stay empty until your bank refunds you (although from experience, fraud refunds on Monzo take only a few minutes through in-app chat).


Haha yes, please do not read into it. I appreciate the effort already taken :smile:

You’re right. Looks like Monzo already have us covered with that :ok_hand:t3: think this rests my case

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