Card colour difference

I received my new card today, with my change of name, what have you done to the colour???

My old card was an exciting shiny fluorescent orange that everyone commented on…

My new one is dull, faded not exciting…

What happened? Was the ink mixer on holiday?!

Please change the colour back! It’s why everyone wants your card!

Anyone else agree???

Hello! :wave: Monzo call it hot coral.

It’s odd that the colour differs so much as it is a pantone, so you would assume that a properly calibrated printer (such as the one used by a card producer), would be accurate.

If it’s really off you can cancel your card and request a new one in the app.

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Hi Linda :wave:

The color hasn’t changed. The shade can vary from card to card.

If you’re unhappy with this one, you are perfectly within your rights to order another replacement!


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My newish investor card is like the one on the left, but my partner’s card is even more washed out than the right

Continues to puzzle that at least one manufacturer has such variance from the desired

Is the manufacturer on the back the same for both?

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I have the same issue. My old investor card was great and my new one was meh. I mainly use apply pay so I wasn’t too fussed, plus I’m trying to reduce my plastic waste so I wasn’t gonna order another one just for the colour. If you want your colour to be right then no harm in trying to get another replacement :man_shrugging: Just hope it’s better the next time around

I think it really depends on where you’re located geographically. My previous card was hot coral, but after moving I got a new one and it came in the meh peach colour. Ordered a replacement but it was still the same colour - I guess I lived closer to that factory so my order was sent there? :woman_shrugging:

I just don’t understand if it’s so bad, why don’t they get rid of the manufacturer and get a different one on board

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I really don’t have a clue on the card manufacturing process so forgive the potentially stupid questions…

Does the card manufacturer not have any QC processes? I assume this can be digitally done now where they’re scanned and automatically flagged? :warning:

Also. The way I read it was that you’re fine with varying quality. If I was ordering things on mass I’d want them all to be the same or is this something that when it gets to a certain amount is impossible to do?


My new investor card is also very dull in comparison.
Gets far less comments out and about, haha.

I have noticed this as well my friend got a normal Monzo card and I noticed striaght away his card was a much more dull Coral compared to mine, I was in shock!

When I had a hot coral card it was much duller than my girlfriend’s but I’ve always looked at it as everybody’s card is slightly different and each one unique.

New hot coral card arrived today as a replacement to my cancelled lagoon blue plus and wow, the new card is so different in colour it’s more fuzzy peach than hot coral! Really poor quality too.

Which end?


Fuzzy peaches


I could so eat them now!

That’s bad! I got a new investor card this week and it’s perfect!

Dammit. I’m not having much luck at the moment with Monzo

As someone who has worked in the industry, no it’s completely possible to have a colour match across every single card. They may be using different companies across the country, however many would demand an exact match, and rightly so if they’re using the same colour. Obviously Monzo don’t feel it’s worth bothering fixing.

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