Monzo Plus: Card Quality


The Monzo Plus card appears to be lower quality of my original Coral card (almost as if somebody printed over my coral card (mine is midnight sky but has orange edges). Is there a reason for this? Thanks.

All Monzo cards have a Coral core - this is deliberate.


That’s fair, thanks.

It is also worth noting that the quality is also worse than the original coral card (as in I can even see the coral core around the chip).

The poor quality of some of the Plus cards has been covered several times in the main Monzo Plus thread.

Monzo have said you can request a replacement and send the old one back to them so they can identify the quality issues.

The coral edge though is deliberate


It’s a shame, My Beta card and my replacement debit have white core, they have held up pretty well!

When used with a Coral card, the Coral core complements this really well (this is what I have).

I have no personal experience with the Plus cards so can’t say how bad an impact the Coral core has on that (other than from photos folks have posted on the other topic). I don’t know if Monzo have plans to address this.

I understand the coral core being deliberate, that’s not the issue with mine though. you can see the CVC through the other side, it seems jaggered on the edges and it just doesn’t look as good?

I dont mind the coral edge, but I’d agree, the quality of the card is not what I would expect for a service that you pay for. On mine the numbers are already peeling after a few weeks and the clear plus is so hard to see it may as well not be there.

Kinda wish I’d not changes my Investor Hot coral card now…

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In that case I’d request a replacement from Monzo. There has been a bad batch of Plus cards reported but Monzo are fine with replacing them for you.


I’m fine with the hot coral investor one for now to be honest…

As Jim said, apart from the colour you can’t really see the word “plus” and I like having the word investor on mine :joy:

Feel like they should have markings on them even if they are just icons to show investor, beta, plus etc just like on the profile page.


Think I saw that at least the investor option wasn’t coming. I’m proud of being one so would love my card to show it.

I had two, as I accidentally ordered the wrong colour. Both were not the best quality and I really think they could do With the plus element, you really can’t see it. I would’ve preferred all white as an option.

The Plus Investor plastic cards are coming, I think metal may be a different case though.


Just got my Monzo Plus card: Midnight Sky and it’s got the CVV coming through on the other side :frowning_face:

If only there was something you could do about it… Oh well!

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Speak to them via the app and the COps team should be able to sort it.

I still think the cards were rushed to market a little to soon though…

Just wait for the metal card :smile:
Yeh, the plus card is not the best quality, but last time I looked at it was when it arrived…using apple pay all the time :smiley:


My Plus card has arrived. It isn’t the best quality compared to my hot coral one. I’m not going to go on at them to replace it. No point, I’ll wait until they have more options.

Yep, I have. It’s been 24 hours, and the message I got was ‘escalated to a specialist’.

Kind of annoyed that for the past 5 days and probably the next 5/6 days I’ve basically been paying for a custom link which I never use.

I mean, they do show you what is available now. You could cancel it within 14 days if you’re not happy with what you’re getting now?

They do? I didn’t see ‘poor quality card with 2 days customer service turnaround’ on the Plus list of features.

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