Downgrade/upgrade replacement card

When converting to or from one of the premium accounts wouldn’t it be better to make the replacement card as optional?

If for example you upgraded from Monzo standard to premium for the mobile and travel insurance but weren’t bothered about the metal card then you could save unnecessary cost and waste.

Equally if you have premium and after the min 6 months decide to go back to standard Monzo why not let the existing card run until expiry and at that point replace with coral card?

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So it kinda is and isn’t at the same time.

When you upgrade you don’t have to have a new card. When you downgrade, I understand that your card will (eventually) stop working because, rightly or wrongly, the monthly subscription is meant to pay for it.


On the downgrade front I understand the reason it’s a minimum of 6 months is to cover the cost of the card. So if you’ve done the minimum term and essentially paid the card isn’t it a bit of a waste to issue another one rather than letting it run until expiry?

It’s not just about the cost of the card.

If you’re not paying for the premium product then you don’t get the premium features.

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The premium features such as virtual cards, mobile and travel insurance cease on downgrade. The card has already been issued and doesn’t provide any actual benefits, for example you can’t present it somewhere for exclusive benefits. The card operates like any other card does so replacing it on downgrade just seems like a waste of an expensive metal card and using unnecessary plastic to create a new one when you could just let it run until it finishes.


The metal card is the benefit.

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You’d be a real idiot if you took out a £15pm account just for a metal card.

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And yet you’re trying to keep hold of it when you’re not paying anymore.


I mean, I agree for the plastic Plus card.

I think what Monzo’s trying to mitigate against is folk paying for six months of Premium then keeping the card until it expires. Personslly, I’d be more relaxed about that (and probably sell different physical cards for a profit) but that seems to be their business model for now.

They do seem to be looking again at the paid offerings so who knows, it might change?


I am still paying and I’ve no plans on cancelling my premium. Very quick to judge motives aren’t you.

I’m simply concerned for the environmental cost of unnecessary replacement cards and that applies to upgrade or downgrade. Why not making it optional to change the card so that those who are more environmentally conscious can make a choice.

Trust me, people do a lot for cards!

(I’m not sure whether it was that thread or another, but folk were gaming the “Revolut shuffle” just for metal cards!)

If people are that environmentally conscious they wouldn’t have taken the metal card in the first place.

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I never understood why they take away the metal card after the premium ends, seems a waste, but as above, it’s also a waste wanting new.

Hides stash of neon/metal/Plus/coral cards


As far as I knew it wasn’t optional when upgrading. If it is then that’s great, I personally wouldn’t have ordered one if I’d know I’d had a choice.

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When I upgraded a few years ago there was a ‘skip’ button on the card order screen.