Activating cars and other issues

So tonight I go to make a payment, for which I have sufficient balance. Declined on both Apple Pay and PayPal.

my card is expiring this month so assume it’s that. Got to activate my new card … “sorry we weren’t able to activate your card at this time”

I go to add either card to paypal … “ You recently added a(n) card ending in 2821, but we ran into an authentication problem, so we’ve removed the card from your PayPal account. You can try to add it again, or contact your issuer if problems persist.”

I go to chat to Monzo support. Who have been previously amazing. All of a sudden it feels like chatting has intentionally been made difficult to find . When you say “this didn’t help” on any support article, hoping to start a chat it say “thank you”

Today is the first time ever, I may be done with Monzo

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