New card but i want it to new address

Hi team, I have applied for a new card ,it’s not delivered to the specified location. The dealine dates are crossed. I have moved to different location now.

I am trying to reorder the card However I am unable to do so as It’s showing old address which I am unable to edit it. I will have to reorder with new address to apply for new monzo card

Kindly help me on this

You’ll need to speak to Monzo if you need your card to be sent to a different address.

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So you ordered a new card and then moved before it arrived?

Tends to be seen as suspicious

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If you could reach out via chat in the app and speak to customers services they may be able to help.

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Can happen though! I don’t have a debit card associated with my Barclays account anymore precisely for this reason. And I can’t get a new one because they can only send them to the address I lived at 3 years ago.

What happens when you remove to a remote part of Scotland, only for it to turn out you can only update your address in the branch, and your card just expired.

No such issue with Barclaycard, and given they use the same app, you’d think they’d be a little more consistent. :person_shrugging:

You can update your address with Barclays in-app :+1:

But that’s different. Signing up to a new bank days before you’re due to move is just silly so those people either don’t have any common sense or are up to no good.

It’s a good way to commit identity fraud – sign up using someone else’s details and then get in touch with the bank to say oops, I moved, can you not actually send the card where I said I lived?

Just one problem with that!

I was actually meant to get this sorted during my time in England, but completely forgot.

Sure, but it doesn’t sound like they opened an account, just ordered a new card. It’s something customer services can verify and update though.

I wonder if they updated their address in app before requesting another card, as that should still be doable with Monzo.

I’ve changed my address twice via in-app chat without an issue in the past 6 months.

I’d ignore that!

(Edit: screenshot)

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I’ve tried before. Just tried again. Once I’ve filled in the details I get to this screen:

I’m not going to contact customer services now. Last time I did that I was told to go into a branch with my ID and account details and proof of residence next time I’m near one.

It’s a very bizarre thing though. I could update it with Barclaycard online without issue, but that update for some reason only applied to Barclaycard, despite it being associated with my Barclays account. It’s a weird old fashioned system riddled with security theatre.

Edit: just seen your screenshot! Will give in app chat a try again! Thanks!

Sorry for hijacking your thread with this OP! But thank you for the help @richycran!

Edit 2: Chat were able to do it! Address updated and a new debit card is on the way!