New card activation need it urgently

Hi was surprised with a trip to New York for a big birthday. Have been looking into pre paid and came across Monzo and Revolut. Chose Monzo as I saw link for it coming quicker. I’ve loaded money now saying will not be here until next Friday when I will already be in New York so will not be any use. When I clicked it said would be 1-2 days as I thought great I go early doors next Thursday. I didn’t really have any money saved up as it was a surprise so putting £100 on a card for it now not to be used is a pain. Is there anyway o can get it quicker? Or can I just cancel it as I will not need it when I get back and I really need my £100 spending money :grinning:

you might try emailing - there isn’t a lot anybody on this public forum can do to help you unfortunately

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Thank you for the email

Have you tried a golden ticket? Monzo are retiring these instant jump-to-top-of-the-queue tickets, but you might still find they work. That is, of course, if your current delay is simply you being in a queue, and not a delay to cards being issued.

When did you load it? There’s been a few issues this afternoon, including activating cards.

Have you found a resolution?

@j06 - where did you hear they are retiring golden tickets? (or have I misread?)

sarah has said she has already loaded money on to it- this facility only happens when you are top of the queue - so a Golden ticket wouldn’t make any difference as far as I can see - the delay is in delivering the card ??? :slight_smile:

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It’s mentioned in the apps. Latest iOS build says that Golden Tickets are on hold.

where? I’ve had 6 people jump today alone

It was mentioned here:

I’m still getting new tickets when the old ones are used. :man_shrugging:t2:

Hi thanks all Monzo have come back to me after emailing. Fingers crossed they said should be here on Monday and I can contact them if it isn’t :grinning::grinning::grinning: Lovely having surprises but I do like being organised :joy::joy:


I used a golden ticket today, deposited £100 and being told delivery should be by a week on Friday 13/10/17. This seems quite long for a golden ticket, as I had read that it’s usually a couple of working days - is this timescale correct or has my ticket not worked?

Ps sorry to jump on this thread :see_no_evil:

The golden ticket jumps you up the queue to apply. It has no impact on card delivery times. You get your card as quiickly as anyone else.

That is looking a bit slow at the moment but it is what it’s is.

Looks like I’ll be going on holiday without it then, arrives the day after my flight. Was a nice idea while it lasted :upside_down_face: My £100 will still be there when I get back and I can start using the cars.

I still have a spare Monzo prepaid card I can pass to someone.
It is activated my the number on the front of the card to link to your account
I am in SE18 if you can pick it up

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Witht the closure of the prepaid card programme to new entrants, the advice in this thread is no longer current.