Used Golden Ticket but Haven't Skipped The Queue

I got sent a golden ticket by a friend. I claimed the ticket, but the app still says im at 12,000 in the queue. can someone help me?

I’m afraid this isn’t something that users in this community can help you solve but if you contact the support team by emailing or sending them a DM on Twitter (as I see you have :thumbsup:), they’ll be able to deal with this for you.

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Hello there

I passed a golden ticket to my wife but she didn’t get bumped forward. Being a nonce, the link doesn’t work anymore.

Can you please remediate this for her?


You’re best asking this in the in-app chat.

FWIW, after a use you should get a new link to use. (See Richard’s post)

Great tip, will follow through in the chat.

I just wasted another ticket, bit mental

Use in-app chat or email, letting us know the email address the person stuck in the queue used to sign up.

Golden tickets are a little buggy right now as a result of us turning off the issuing of new tickets due to this and the impending current account release. :point_down:

I must stress that existing golden tickets should work, any non-working golden tickets are an unintentional bug.

It’s worth noting that golden tickets delivered over Facebook Messenger and sometimes WhatsApp will still appear as used due to Facebook stripping out a few key parts of the URL. Try sending the golden ticket another way if you have that particular issue.


I have sent an email as the chat support looks busy (my chat there has not even been looked at).

Hoping for the best :crossed_fingers:

The Golden Ticket scheme for the prepaid card is now closed.