Monzo Investors Golden Ticket

I received an email with an investors gold ticket from a friend who is an investor in Monzo with a link I need to click on to get my card, as I need it urgently for an upcoming work trip. She says I just need to enter my passport picture and the card should arrive.

When I click the link it says: “Thanks to someone you know who’s an investor in Monzo, you can get a Monzo card without waiting. Sign up here and skip our queue of thousands!”

When I clicked the link and entered my email address, it asked me to download the app and enter that email address to rgo through the rest of the process and receive my card. Yet, when I did so, it merely added me to the back of a 63,000-long queue!

Could you please tell me what went wrong so I can jump the queue and order the card with my passport picture?


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From the blog they have been turned off:

For the moment, we’ve turned off existing golden tickets and stopped sending out new ones. If you’re an existing user you can still invite your friends through the app, but they’ll join the waiting list for current accounts, instead of the prepaid card.

Keep an eye out because golden tickets will be making a comeback in the current account!

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Thanks for letting me know about the golden tickets Danny, the issue is my work trip is in two weeks so I’m not sure the current account will be ready in time!

Almost certainly not. For the moment, I’m afraid you’ll need to find another way to do whatever you wanted the prepaid card for.

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Wow, 63,000 in the queue though. Not bad going Monzo. On track for that half a million!


Thanks for highlighting this, trying to persuade friends to join Monzo, may be worth waiting until current accounts are up and running