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Not sure if need contacting monzo would be best or the board. I have an investor flag but where I closed my old account and opened a new one while a while I have lost my investor shares i assume so can it be removed from my status to show 1,2 or 3 instead?

If you bought shares you are still a shareholder (unless you sold them, which is practically impossible)


No not sold them but I thought as I can’t get investor card as does not show up as closed and reopened new account had lost them.

No they’re still on crowdcube

If you really want the investor card just ask in chat and explain what happened

I imagine it’s linked to the account number which is why it’s not showing with a new account

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Thanks will try

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I thought it might be linked via email address. So if you use a different email for Crowdcube and Monzo it might not match.

(Just speculation, though. Maybe it’s not a live link and they’ve not automated the process for folk who didn’t have Monzo accounts when investing but subsequently sign up).

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Does it show the ‘:star: CROWDFUNDING INVESTOR’ badge in you profile in the :monzo: app?
(Settings/Personal details)

No badge in my profile. I have now contacted chat to see if they can look into it for me.

The other aspect to this one - you mentioned showing the ‘1,2,3 levels’ - do you want the investor flair (rocket) to show on your profile pic in the forum?

  • If you want the rocket to be displayed - do nothing!
  • If you don’t want the rocket to be displayed - assuming you are using a laptop browser to view the forum - tap on the 3 horizontal lines at the top-right (in-between search and your profile icon), tap on ‘Groups’, look for the group called ‘investors’ and if you are part of this group, there will be a ‘Leave’ button. Click on that to leave the investor group. This will then revert your profile icon to the normal level display (1,2 or 3)
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Thanks much appreciated.

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All sorted spoke to customer services and now have the investor in my profile.


And we can still see it on your profile pic :+1: :rocket:

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