Never buying digital copies again

Bought project cars 3 for £50 upon release and expecting it to be the next big game and it ain’t worth that money whatsoever
I saw assetto corsa and it looks much better .

Big regret getting the digital copy as I now cannot sell the game at cex

Why were you expecting it to be the ‘next big game’?

Did you not seen any of the previews/reviews that almost universally pan it?

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Just Googling the title of the game shows you this :see_no_evil:

I bought it on the day it was released so there were no review

There’s only so much a review can tell you. I like films rated 4 on IMDb doesn’t necessarily mean it will be a bad film as it’s subjective

Also project cars 1 and 2 were excellent

The fact still stands it’s not a good idea to get digital copies as after your finished with them you can’t sell them. It’s also much cheaper to get them second hand

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That’s the risk you take buying them at launch. In future wait and let people review it if you don’t want to risk wasting your money.

Digital or physical you’re still going to make a loss if you don’t like the game.


Yeah but much less . I paid £50 for it and could have got about £30 from cex it I traded it in. It then would have covered buying assetto corsa . However lesson learned

Why did you buy digital and not the disc?

Didn’t have to wait for it as digital is instant download . And was expecting it to be a long term good game to play

It’s generally good advice to avoid digitial copies where you can - same applies to books, games, software, etc etc - not just for resale-ability but largely the DRM ‘right’ that you get with digitial copies are often non existent.

There’s lots of stories of books being removed from peoples kindles after Amazon licensing changes - can’t have that happen with Physical!

So yeah, buyer beware really when it comes to digital versions.


Thanks for this topic.

I will never buy something without considering it in the future.


No problem dude :partying_face:

Sorry I was being sarcastic as this is yet another post by you coming on here to complain about something that you did without thinking it through.

And every game has reviews, the release copies to game journalists for that very reason, and it wasn’t well received by them either.

Take care!


Good day :v:t3::pray:

To be fair though this has been useful to read ahead of the PS5 launch. I’m not the biggest gamer, but I do like to game every now and again, the PS5 digital edition did seem like a steal, but reading this has really made me rethink which console to go for.

All of this is another thread for another day, but whilst the basic premise of ‘don’t buy something on day one if you think you’re going to regret it’ is still there, I did at least find this thread useful.


Yep absolutely this is a relevent to current things thought - I’ve been having the same thinking about getting a 2nd hand Xbox - digital or disc version - and just having the ability to buy second hand games on the cheap likely makes it a better idea getting the disc version over the all digital one.


Happened to me (different game). I’m more weary now. I prefer the Xbox digital as I don’t have games lying about. But I buy games I know I’ll enjoy.

Just asking, can you not sell on the code? Or do you only get one copy?

When you purchase digitally via the Xbox it just downloads to your hard drive , no cd key unfortunately

Microsoft did want to create a digital buy/sell marketplace but there was such a massive backlash over it that they canned it :frowning:


It’s simple don’t buy something on release and wait for YouTube reviews or for it to pop up on Twitch etc to review how the game handles. Give it a few more days it’ll all be digital downloads or streaming games from a data centre

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If you buy a game on disc, does that come with a digital download version too? Like you get with some DVDs