Project Cars 3

Anyone else getting this? Supposed to be released on the 28th

Want the digital copy so I don’t have to wait for it, can’t see it on the Xbox store on my Xbox one.

Sign in with your Xbox account and buy here. It should then begin downloading on your Xbox. There is also a link on that page to the deluxe edition if you’d prefer that.

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Thanks dude :star_struck:

Found it in the end. You can get it off the website as you suggested
Or If you want to download via your Xbox then find project cars 3 deluxe edition. Select it, scroll down and click on the standard edition (£50)

Only 36gb which I’m surprised about

Not what I was expecting. It’s the complete opposite of 1 and 2. However it is fun .
It’s very much an arcade style ( like need for speed as opposed to forza Motorsport)

Might have to give this a go then. I much prefer arcade style racers over sims

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