Need For Speed Heat

Out tomorrow, anybody else getting it ? Will be fun on me steering wheel

Waiting for reviews. Series is very hit and miss.

I used to lo e need for speed back in the day but didnt like the last one at all so will waiy for reviews as well. Probably wait for significant price drop as well as cergainly on no rush to play it after the last one.

Loads of ingame footage on Youtube

Looks like it wont support steering wheels, thats no good

Anyone played yet ? Waiting for some reviews before purchasing

Wiring for reviews also!

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I’ll be honest, it looks like no Forza 4 but maybe worth a try

If you want to play something with a steering wheel, Project Cars 2 may be a better bet.

The last Need for Speed game I enjoyed was the original Need for Speed Underground, but that was on the PS2…

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Project cars 2 is brilliant, I got it for £10 CD key off the Web

Played an hour or so and very impressed.
It is not realistic but it’s very fun to mod the cars and do street racing.

Price is a bit steep at £60 though

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I looked at it this pm in the shop but decided to wait for price to drop - £60 too much for me.

Watching for feedback :eyes:

It’s brilliant mate. Not realistic but it’s incredibly fun.
Loads of mods to cars and cop chases etc

To be honest I prefer them when they’re not very realistic! Think I’ll pick this up when it drops price a little.

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