Selling the ol' PS4

Hi all,

I’m currently looking to sell my Playstation 4 (500GB) which I’ve had for 5 months. I just wondered… what do you think would be a fair amount of money to request for it? Would £150 be fair?

Have you looked on eBay/CEX to see what they are going for?


Closer to £100 I’d say.

If I can buy a brand new one with a warranty and free delivery for £200 I don’t think £50 discount for a used one is enough for me to waive the warranty, have to deal with a person, not be 100% sure if there might be an issue with it, etc.

Having said that I’ve seen that many buyers on eBay don’t have these reservations and are often happy to bid very close to the ‘new’ price.

Probably would have been best to list in early December though with tens of thousands of people looking to buy one.

Edit: On CEX they are buying for £116 if boxed.

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I tend to look at CEX and use that as a baseline. I may add £20 or £30 to it if I sell privately.

CEX buy prices are between £104 and £116.

eBay sold prices are between £70 and £125.

You can get a little more if you have a Slim or Pro or bundle games.

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Many thanks for the replies, guys. I might ponder going down the Cex route.

CEX will give you a bit more if you’re willing to accept vouchers, if you are willing to spend the proceeds there.

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List it at £150 and await the offers of £25 from the choosy beggars… for anyone who wants to venture down the rabbit hole.

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If CEX can sell it for more than they buy it from you for, so can you. I’d rather eBay it, you’ll get more.

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I’ve been considering the same thing, because I just got a 4K TV recently and I’d like to upgrade to the PS4 Pro (certainly before The Last of Us Part II comes out!)

If I can sell it for £150 with a few games that I don’t play anymore included, then that’d be good. PS4 Pro runs about £350 I think, so a £200 difference.

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Know anyone with a Pro…? I’d try before you buy. Personally, I didn’t notice that much difference between the the old and new PS4. I was a bit underwhelmed, felt like a waste of money considering the TV cost.

The PS5 can’t be that far away now.

A fair point. No, I’ve not used a Pro myself.

I might give Uncharted 4 another run through, and if I’m happy with the way the graphics look on that on the new TV, then I might skip the Pro.