Forza Horizon 4

Anybody played yet ? Is it any good.

I only have a 360 so am considering getting the Xbox ONE for this game around christmas

Just got FIFA 19, so will wait for it to drop in price a bit around the new year…

If Horizon 3 is anything to go by it should be amazing.

If you’ve got a 4K UHD TV or thinking of getting one in the future, invest in getting the Xbox one X. I’ve heard the graphics are much better on it.

I just bought an Xbox One S from Currys - £229 includes 1TB storage, four games (inc. the new Tomb Raider and FIFA). Sold out online but managed to pick one up in store - seemed a decent price. Couldn’t justify the cost of a One X (although I would have preferred the console in black rather than white!).

Not yet, got it since it’s on Xbox games pass but not had a chance to play yet. Too many other things on this now. Looking forward to seeing it in 4K HDR though but I might drop the res down a bit to get 60fps for buttery smooth racing

I’ve been a PS man since the very first one, and have never had an XBox, however, so many mates have them and I can’t play them on Fifa so I’m in the market now. Waiting for Black Friday for an S model. Is this game up there with Gran Turismo?

the Forza Horizon series is the Open World/Street Race sister title.

You’ll want the latest edition of the Forza Motorsport series if you want your Gran Turismo race track equivalent.

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Loving the game so far

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Is that Princes Street?

It’s in Scotland somewhere

Yes it is

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Their attention to detail is insane They even made it cloudy/rainy :joy:

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The seasons and look of the surroundings change weekly depending on the event being run that week as well

For example there might be a winter where a loch in the Scottish highlands freezes over and you’ll be racing over the lake

The game is incredible. Been playing it when I can non stop since preorder release :smile:

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Just picked it up for £29.99 at Sainsbury’s :raised_hands::see_no_evil:



love a new ride.