Netflix sneaked in payments for 6 months without Monzo app notifying me

I was under the impression that the app sends me a notification for every payment I make. And it worked well until I discovered today that in the history of my payments Netflix every month.
I have push notifications and I receive them for other payments, but how come I didn’t get one for netflix?
I had a trial with Netflix, one year ago, that I canceled after the first month and that was it. Then 7 months later, payments were made through Netflix without notifying me. I know what happened, someone that I know reactivated my Netflix profile without my knowledge as revenge.
I’m really upset about this behaviour from Monzo app. I would have stopped those payments straight away if it notified me with a push notification: hey Netflix just charged you. I don’t check my payment history because I expect notifications.

You didn’t open the app for 6 months?


I’ve always had a Netflix notification. Can’t see why you wouldn’t. Should have seen it in the app too. Might be worth contacting COps to see if you’ve encountered a bug.


I don’t usually look in the app because I expect all payments to be sent as a notification, so shouldn’t be any news there.


Come on mate, that’s not fair, especially after 6 months, you could get away with 1, Maybe even 2 payments. Surely you would have needed to refer back to your statement, purchase history, at least once. I’m not criticizing you, I’m just being realistic, plus were advised always to look over your payment history, at least once a month.


Someone reactivated your Netflix profile as revenge? Most people do check their bank activity regularly so it’s (on the face of it at least) an ineffective way to take your frustration out on someone.

You must have a lot of unread notifications

Think Monzo said in a recent stat release that the average customer checks every day.

Notification’s aren’t always going to be 100% accurate. Monzo can send them out but there are a million reasons you won’t get them. I know for certain I get mine every month, it reminds me its pay day :sunglasses:

Contact Netflix if someone has fraduantly activated your account, but if you’re going to share a login with someone and not change the password, I’m not sure they’re going to care. Monzo is not liable if you don’t look at your in-app statement though and highlight activity.


Not Monzos fault you didn’t look at your app

I’m guessing you don’t read your bank statements either or login in online?

What would you do if this was say TSB?

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Best thing to do is speak to support they should be able to tell if there’s any issues or bugs as someone outlined above.

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If you left your Netflix account insecure in such a way that someone was able to reactivate your account surely you need to take responsibility for it not Monzo.

If it’s any consolation to the OP, when I was younger and dumber Experian “sneaked” about 12 months of premium payments out of my legacy bank.

This was before transaction notifications or apps and I was foolishly only looking at my account balance rather than transactions. Apart from payday I’d have close to 0 all of the month so thought that was a pretty good measure of security, but then when I finally did need to look at my statements I saw they had been “sneaking in” a charge the same morning as I got paid each month.

Needless to say Experian told me to do one when I asked for a refund, even though I hadn’t even logged in to their service for a year :frowning_face: And Barclays customer services were about as helpful as Nik Storonsky on a Sunday night conference call :scream:

Chalk this one up to experience.


I’d love to have so much money that i dont need to check or that i wouldn’t miss lost money


It’s most likely you did get notification but as payments for subscriptions can come out in the early hours that’s why you missed tham.

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