Is there a way to stop Monzo from predicting regular payments?

Every time I buy something from the PlayStation store on my Monzo card I always immediately get a Monzo notification saying that purchase will now be predicted as a monthly subscription. I then have to go in and turn off the Repeating Payment switch on that transaction.

Every time. It’s maddening.


I agree, a toggle would be nice somewhere :pray:t3: Starling do it too :weary:

Edit: I think if you change the topic to Feedback and ideas people can then vote :crossed_fingers:t3:


I don’t want customers to vote on it. I want Monzo to fix it.

Given it rarely comes up for discussion, you’ll be waiting a long long time as a guess. It could well be on someone’s list to look at but higher priority work is taking place instead.

Oh I know that - just like I know that putting it up to a vote won’t get it fixed any faster.


FWIW, I would’ve given this a vote, I agree it’s super irritating.

Personally don’t think it’s a “fix” as it’s not broken, it’s a predication of what may be charged again next month.

Just infrequently annoying as expressed in your example.

Second that, why is the app setting up payments on my behalf without permission? It would be very easy to miss the notification and only find out after the payment was made. It seems absolutely insane, possibly illegal, that your app is making payments from people’s bank accounts without being asked and without permission

Hi Tom! Monzo can’t set up a repeating payment on our behalf. They just start to predict it for you based on historical data. So if I pay Netflix every month it will predict I’m going to pay it next month. I set up the Netflix payment not Monzo.