Is there a way to stop Monzo from predicting regular payments?

Every time I buy something from the PlayStation store on my Monzo card I always immediately get a Monzo notification saying that purchase will now be predicted as a monthly subscription. I then have to go in and turn off the Repeating Payment switch on that transaction.

Every time. It’s maddening.

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I agree, a toggle would be nice somewhere :pray:t3: Starling do it too :weary:

Edit: I think if you change the topic to Feedback and ideas people can then vote :crossed_fingers:t3:

I don’t want customers to vote on it. I want Monzo to fix it.

Given it rarely comes up for discussion, you’ll be waiting a long long time as a guess. It could well be on someone’s list to look at but higher priority work is taking place instead.

Oh I know that - just like I know that putting it up to a vote won’t get it fixed any faster.


FWIW, I would’ve given this a vote, I agree it’s super irritating.

Personally don’t think it’s a “fix” as it’s not broken, it’s a predication of what may be charged again next month.

Just infrequently annoying as expressed in your example.