Automatically cancel missed payments if more then 2 misses

A lot of people miss payments which is understandable but some people are lazy and dont want the hassle of cancelling subscriptions such as deezer,netflix,etc
So when these subs try and take payment and the account holder doesnt wanna pay or cant pay then Its a bit of a pain that the subs keep trying to take payment so as a suggestion why not cancel missed payments if more then 2 misses!
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It’s not up to your bank to cancel your accounts for you.


It’s a no from me.

There is a difference between “cant pay” and “doesnt wanna pay”. The former is something Monzo could be active with, to help those struggle with money, but I don’t really want my bank having to help out people who are “lazy and dont want the hassle of cancelling subscriptions”.

Equally, how would Monzo know which rule to apply - “cant” vs “doesnt wanna” - to which subscription? Impossible to know.

From experience it takes about the same amount of time to sign up for something as it does to cancel it, and it most definitely is not the responsibility of anyone other than the person who owns the subscription.


Also how would they know the contract terms if it’s actually fine to stop paying for the service to go fine we’ll cancel it if you aren’t paying.

If you entered into a year contact and monthly payments and stopped payments to a merchant then you still owe that business either the remaining payments or a termination fee or expect it to be put as a default on your credit reports and be chased for payment by other means.

If you want to cancel Netflix, it’s incredibly quick and easy. Monthly services actually need to legally make it straightforward to cancel.

The time telling Monzo through the app you no longer want this subscription could be used to login to the service and do it.

I don’t think Monzo would want to encourage a mindset of cancelling things by not paying.


Yeah you are guys are right I just thought I’d throw something out there.