Netflix recommendations

Any Netflix series or films that you’d recommend? Just finished season 2 of punisher and I’m looking for something new :blush:

stranger things


I’m currently enjoying Borderliner if you don’t mind subtitles.


I loved Borderliner! Also Bordertown is another great Nordic crime drama!


Russian Doll

100% recommended. Best thing I have watched for a long time. Not quite sure what to make of it after one episode, then promptly hoovered up next seven episodes the same night.

Best way to describe it is a curious mix of Sliding Doors, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Sia’s Chandelier


Queer Eye!


The new season of Punisher has just come out.

Also, Luther, is genuinely the best series I’ve ever seen.

Dark tourist is really good, too. Like Louis Theroux, but actually good.

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Not going to lie. This sounds perfect, exactly what I’m looking for. I’ll give it a go :ok_hand:


Anyone watched Abducted in Plain Sight?

It’s absolutely nuts. One of the wierdest documentaries ever!

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I saw the trailer, is it a voice over style documentary or more of a reenactment one? It looked pretty good

Sort of both.

The parents are incredibly naive.

I’m going to say the word ‘relief’, used in a prominent moment fairly early on, report back when you know what it means.

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20 mins in, may be too early to call but I feel so sorry for the parents - they definitely seem to have been groomed just as much as Jan.

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Loved the second season, hope it isn’t cancelled like the rest - I really hope they keep it going haha!

Sadly I tend to have Netflix on in the background whilst doing other stuff so anything with subtitles I tend to avoid - may have to give it a go though, what sort of vibe is the series/film?

Basically a cop show. Our hero is sent off to his home area to help out and ends up covering up a murder. Goes awry for after that.

You’ll need to learn Norwegian if you’re not going to pay attention, though :joy:

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I guess I’ll have to add “Learn Norwegian” to my never ending to do list :joy: Damn my lack of ability to concentrate on a single thing for more than 10 minutes haha!

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“Dark” is excellent, but one that is better watched with German audio & English subtitles…


I envy you watching it for the first time. Only eight episodes of a half hour, so easily digestible at least time wise

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I’ve got an extended weekend this weekend, so I might try and blast through them after the “Abducted in Plain Sight” documentary, I’ve been watching Sex Education with my girlfriend but she’s gone home for the weekend so I’m at a loss at what to binge watch haha! If you haven’t seen that yet - it’s 100% worth the watch (reminds me of Wet Hot American Summer but in 2019).


Yep Sex Education was great! I’m kinda biased cos my friend is in it :blush: but I loved it!

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