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I’ve searched for a Netflix chat and couldn’t find one so though I would create one.

Anyway, it seems Netflix is increasing their prices again Netflix increases its prices yet AGAIN: Standard plan for UK users jumps from £9.99 to £10.99 | Daily Mail Online

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Think I’m still paying a fiver a month for Premium through Sky so happy enough.

I’d still pay £14 if I had to but everyone obviously has their limits.

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I used to hold Netflix as the top tier of the streaming services but I’m really starting to question membership.

The quality of stuff just seems to have taken a dip and some of the blockbuster stuff they’ve created hasn’t really done it for me.

Them asking for more money might mean I finally cancel :thinking:


I cancelled Netflix a few weeks ago. I just think Netflix has gone way too far into “quantity” rather than “quality”. So many times now I’ve watched something that is supposedly good on Netflix, only to feel like I’ve wasted my time watching a programme that in reality feels the same as all their other programmes and is not that good.

I am currently subscribing to Disney+, AppleTV+, Now (although only because I got a £1 for a month offer) and have access to Prime Video through my parents.

I did get an email this morning telling me to resubcribe for £6.99 so it definitely seems the price increase is genuine.

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I’ve not paid for a steaming service for a while now tbf, all these companies splintering off content into various over priced services, which then keep increasing in price.

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£9.99 > £11.99 > £13.99

On the £13.99 now £15.99 :neutral_face:

Still will pay that as its worth it for our family.

I’m not sure at what price it has to go to before it becomes too much.

(15.99*12)/365 = 53p a day

BBC license fee is 44p a day :person_shrugging:

If it was £1 a day (£29.99 a month) would people still pay it?

Netflix make some pretty good stuff between all the noise! But it has fallen out of favour with me too, largely due to the price increases and nothing substantial enough to keep it as a monthly sub, and is now one of those I just subscribe to every now and then. Currently subbed at the moment to rewatch pretty little liars, which is amazing on the second watch actually! Especially if you can’t remember all the smaller details, but know enough to pick up hints that you’d miss the first time!

I think people would if it had everything.

But now there’s so many different streaming options, it gets expensive! I’d pay £30 to one if it had all of it, but none of them do or ever will, so it’s going to inch up for all of them instead.


This is what I was hoping Netflix would become! And I’d absolutely pay £30 a month for that. Instead we get fragmentation, and all the consistently good stuff to justify a recurring subscription is elsewhere now. Maybe this is what Sky are trying to pivot towards?

We pay:

Netflix £9.99
Amazon Prime £7.99

Disney Plus we got free for a year off O2

Works out cheaper than a tv licence and then Sky/Virgin subscription for something to watch.

NOW does have Peacock included in the entertainment membership (although it is a limited selection of shows) and I believe will get Paramount+ included in the cinema membership. Considering most of what I watch on NOW is HBO shows, it seems they might have to prepare from the loss of many of those shows when that deal comes to an end in a few years.

Happy to see Peacemaker coming to Now before my membership ends though. Been looking forward to that for a while!

Well, that got me to downgrade from Premium to Standard. I barely watch Netflix stuff anyway these days. Most of the big shows I used to watch have been on hold for a while (probably because of pandemic) and the really good stuff gets cancelled anyway (ahem Sense8, GLOW, The OA)

I’ve been conditioned by Disney’s price nonsense to see the Netflix increase as “fine’.

I think Disney was £50 year one, £60 for year two and it will be £80 for year three. Ridiculous!

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Disney plus has only ever had one price increase, and brought with it all their ABC/Hulu content!

Was £5.99 (59.99 per year) prior to Star and then bumped up to £7.99 (£79.99 per year).

They did have some early attractive offer if you locked into the annual plan at launch though, making it significantly cheaper, so you might be confusing that with a price increase.

My guess is you had this one:

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Isn’t it the same as a price increase though? They offered an annual subscription for £50 the first year and then took that price away. So the price increased.

Seeing it as something else is just successful marketing.



Can’t grumble at £5, even if I only watch one film a month it covers the rental cost.

In reality we watch quite a few films and the odd series here and there, so well worth it at this price in my opinion :slight_smile:

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I don’t view it as one because it was a pre order discount. Like, you knew before you started that the second year would cost more.

Successful marketing, maybe, but it was cheaper than the price if you didn’t pre order, and the price the service was being sold at in other markets.

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Which was a ploy so they could increase the price later :blush: it’s a price increase they just gave really advance notice. Now they’ve bunged another £20 on.

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It’s a fair take, I just don’t agree with it. It would be like if I moved from annual to monthly billing and complain it’s gone up by another £16 :wink:

I view the lower pricing in these situations as a reward for commitment rather the actual value the service is worth.


Yeah but they then increased the cost of that exact same commitment the next year :blush: