Netflix recommendations

(Richard) #21

‘You’ is great, sort of see it a bit like Dexter

Wife and I powered through it in 2 evenings!

(Elliot ) #22

Just finished it; I don’t want to spoil it for anyone but wow. Talk about a master manipulator, crazy documentary. Not sure if it’s a “time” thing, but it’s so crazy how easy it was to manipulate a while family with “affairs”, homophobia and aliens.

Do you think something like this could happen now? Especially with how soon children are accessing the Internet now - maybe they have more information (or more opportunity to be paid upon - scary thought!).

(Elliot ) #23

Added to my list, I’ll save this for when me and the gf finish “sex education” and want something a bit more serious (nothing better than alternating between comedy and a more serious dark series).

(Splodf) #24

It’s mental isn’t it.

I can’t see it ever happening again, but I just couldn’t see it ever happening in the first place!

I’ll leave you with this :wink:

(Richard) #25

White Collar
The Good Place
Rick and Morty

Breaking Bad


Suits and Ozark are :ok_hand::ok_hand:

Edit: and Luther too!

(Elliot ) #27

Seen most of these; need to add power and you to my list. Thanks :slight_smile:

(Elliot ) #28

Watched both - ozark is incredible.

(Elliot ) #29

If anyone is looking for something a little different; give "Dirk Gently’s Hollistic Detecitve Agency a go - especially if you enjoyed “The Good Place”.

(Elliot ) #30

Thanks for the recommendation, already 5 episodes in (back to back) - I should really be doing other things :joy:

“The universe is moral, but it shares your views on morality” - such an amazing line.

(Michael) #31

You are most welcome. It only gets better, right up to the end

It might only be four hours or so total, but I needed no more

(Splodf) #32

So I’ve just finished Sex Education on Netflix (three sittings).

Hilariously funny at points, but also touching and poignant at times. Great cast, lots of little intertwining stories. Tugs at the heartstrings. Highly recommended TV.

(Elliot ) #33

Half-way through, couldn’t agree more, 100% recommend it.


Would recommend Hardy Bucks, it’s a great Irish comedy that just got added to Netflix.
Here’s a few samples:

(Caspar) #35

So many great shows on Netflix!

Give Nightflyers a chance, it got mixed reviews but if you like horror-sci-fi it might be your thing. I found it very atmospheric and tense.

Sex Education is genuinely hilarious, I thought it was going to be a silly teenage comedy but it was incredible.

Russian doll is new so get on it! Another one that totally surprised me with how great it is.


Plus Better Call Saul