Show upcoming scheduled payments in my feed ahead of time

When I have a direct debit in the next few days it shows me in my feed that it’s coming up (e.g. “3 days from now”)

Can you do the same for other scheduled payments that are not direct debits?

This would make it really handy for me to cancel repeating payments for monthly services, e.g. cancel Netflix for this month because I’m going away or something like that.

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It’s a good suggestion, but monzo can’t predict when a debit card payment is to be taken by the merchant. They could make a guess based on historical transactions, but it could be wrong based on how the merchant works, therefore could display incorrect data and mislead customers.

You could always check in on your Scheduled payments section frequently to cancel any shown there, or if you’re a Plus/Premium member, create a Subscription Pot and a virtual card assigned to it, and when a payment fails from that pot you’d know to either cancel it, or add funds and make the payment if you wanted the service.


I wanted to come back and respond to this.

Agreed that Monzo can’t know for sure either when or how much the payment will be.

But… if I’ve specifically requested that Monzo predict a repeating payment for me, then I’d be quite happy for the app to show me when it might come though, and how much it might be.

There could even be a disclaimer saying something along the lines of “you asked us to predict this payment for you. Last (week/month/year) it came on (this date) and it was for (this much). The date/amount may be different this time”

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It does do this? Transaction - Repeating payment On.

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Totally agree, i have tried to cancel a Hellofresh account yet they still trying to take payments from my account every day. Cant get hold of a human to speak to with them so Monzo helping out qould be good as its not showing on my scheduled payments.

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Sorry, to be clear, I want the app to show me these repeating payments in my Feed.

And if it has to be displayed with some kind of disclaimer saying that the date/amount may be different this time, so as not to mislead users, then that would be great too.

I want to see it in my feed because that’s the part of the app I look at the most.

I could go and look in the Scheduled Payments page, but that’s not very user friendly - the payments are listed alphabetically, not by date. So I have to look through each one and check the date to see if it’s upcoming.

It would be more helpful, I think, if these upcoming payments were shown in the feed, as and when they are expected to come through - much like direct debits.

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But that’s the whole point, it could be today, or tomorrow, on you might have cancelled it, or it might be double.

It would cause more confusion than it would solve.

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I’d still like to have the option. Maybe it’s confusing for others, but I’d like the option to switch this feature on. There are ways to indicate in an app when a value is a predicted (but not certain) amount - it doesn’t necessarily have to be confusing.

Only based on previous transactions for card transactions.

It’s too variable for monzo to say it’s actually upcoming because there’s no accurate data for it to say so. Unlike seeing data in the Bacs system which has a 3 day cycle.

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