Scheduled payments now showing amount and not being calculated against balance

Hi can someone help with this please. On my scheduled payments list, I have a bunch of direct debits that have the monthly amounts against them but there are three that do not show the amount against them, therefore they are not calculated against my balance and gives a false sense of actual balance.

Is there something I can do from my side to update this?

IIRC if there’s no amount against a direct debit, that’s because there has yet to be a payment made, so until that happens Monzo can’t say how much they are. Alternatively (like with my Amex which I use sparingly), the payments are too infrequent to predict.

Pretty sure they just show what the last payment was. My Monzo account still has 3 DDs which are now being paid from a different account but are still showing the last payment from 6 months ago.

It would be great if you could manually update the amounts, though.

This is mine. The Amex is not used frequently, but was last used in April. The Barclaycard has not been used since I moved the DD to Monzo, so is showing no data at all.

The oldest of these that are not showing was set up last year and they newest in January this year. Payment is taken every month and it still hasn’t acknowledged or updated to reflect that.

This is what mine looks like. It clearly shows the last paid date but it just doesn’t show the amount

I’ve had this before. It’s like the recurring payment part gets broken away from the direct debit. I fixed by finding the last payment for the DD in my feed, going into it, and seeing it as a recurring payment. Seemed to do it for me

Hi Chris,

Thank you!! That has worked for me and is now showing the amount and reflecting in my balance. Thank you

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