Need to transfer over account limit, in app chat is difficult to find?


I need to transfer funds from my account ahead of a house purchase. As the amount is over £10000 this cannot be done in app, and so I have been trying to contact Monzo - all their phone numbers tell me to use the “in app chat”, which I remember using in the past, but which I now cannot find anywhere. Has it been removed? All I can see is the FAQ. More importantly, what is the avenue for making a larger transfer of this variety?

if you search " increase limits" in app you will find lots of info

you can also find lots of info by typing in “increased limits” in the forum search

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Search “contact” and you will find.

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An illustrated guide, if required:


Thanks all - have found the chat now. I was searching “chat” rather than “contact”, which was too obvious I suppose :slightly_smiling_face: