Reaching someone via app to increase transfer limit

I’m trying to get through to someone via the app, to increase my daily limit so I can make a CHAPS payment to my solicitor. I need to make the payment tomorrow.

I’m struggling to get a response and have read this to be done on the day - does anyone know if there are known issues getting through to someone?

I’m starting to worry I won’t be able to get this sorted in time.


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You’ll likely not get a reply tonight and it’ll be tomorrow now. I’m assuming you’ve done as requested on the help page :eyes:

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I would probably type ‘Making a large payment’ like Dave suggested.

The limits for standard transfers are £10,000. If you need to do more than that try pressing the ‘get in touch button’ or calling on the day (the advisor can probably point you in the right direction if still struggling).

If Monzo can process the CHAPs payment on your behalf it will reach the solicitor same day (usual process for all other banks too as CHAPs is normally a £25 charge hench the same day reach)

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I’d recommend doing the above early hours and set the expectation to your solicitor for end of business day or there abouts.

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