Daily bank transfer

I want to increase my account daily transfer limit to 10,000 now, can you please help me out

It is £10,000 by default for most people (maybe all people).

Nobody here can help you. Use in-app chat.

Hi Graham, welcome to the community forum :wave:

We are just (mostly) customers like you here, though. For support you’ll need to go to the help tab in the app, I’m afraid. :pensive:

In one day, you can transfer up to £30K, split as follows;

£10K via bank transfer
£10K via card payment
£10K payment to another Monzo account

So if you need to pay someone more than £10K who isn’t a Monzo user or can’t split the payment between a bank transfer and a card payment (or both!), you’ll have to use in-app chat to contact Monzo to temporarily increase one of the 10K limits, as recommended above by @lpoolrob and @Peter_G