Need advice, cifas cat 6 marker. can I get a monzo current account

Did you lose your PIN as well?

If you need a bank account, Santander won’t give you one but Monzo will - be grateful, don’t question their motive.

Stop worrying about what could happen, learn to keep your account secure and focus on rebuilding your credit rating.

Thank you for the reply kolok, it makes sense that that’s how it would go. It’s just the uncertainty that’s killing me here.

And yeah, I believe the pin was with the card when I lost it otherwise I don’t know how else they would have access to my account.

I genuinely thought that my card was somewhere in the house. That was until they sent a letter telling me that they were closing my account and I wouldn’t be able to bank with them after this closure.

Didn’t have any previous letters explaining that it was due to fraud. But I really didn’t think anything of it as there was no money in my account at that time.

I’ve also run into this situation recently. I’m really grateful for Monzo being here for me, allowing me to rehabilitate myself as well as making life a little easier to bare. I have run into a deep depression, and am still struggling to some extent, but I’ve managed to get myself out of that slump, especially thanks to Monzo. It is difficult to manage a situation as such, but discussing this issue with friends and family is a great option. Blood is thicker than water. As someone with extremely strict parents, I’m almost disgusted by my actions and have to suffer the consequences. Overall, my advice would be is to speak to close friends and family, as well as if you’re finding it difficult to open an account with a high street bank, Monzo is definitely the option for you. I’m pretty sure this is / was a huge slap in the face for any of the victims of this crime. I hope all goes well.


Did you manage to get a Monzo account. How are you finding it?

Yes I have managed to get a Monzo bank account and so far it is going well. I’ll be sure not to make the same naive mistake again. However, the recent scandal that had appeared on Watchdog, has left my family sceptical of this particular financial institution.

Give this a read


I read this straight after the Watchdog episode, but I still can’t not feel some sort of sympathy for the woman who had her entire lifes savings on that account and had lost it all.

give this a watch as well :wink:

Which story?

They can only confiscate the money if the NCA or other law enforcement tells them, so law enforcement have checked and believe that the money is criminal proceedings.

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That’s not true. They decide to freeze then have to wait for law enforcement to unfreeze

I think we need a bit of precision here.

I think @kolok is talking about where the NCA investigate and find that there’s a case to answer - i e. that there is sufficient evidence to go to court. I’m not an expert, but my understanding is if that’s the case then the money is seized, then added to the proceeds of crime fund if the accused is found guilty - or returned if found not guilty.

In all other cases - e.g. if a bank freezes an account then subsequently unblocks it, or if a bank decides to close an account after a freeze, then the funds must be returned to the account holder.

That’s a long way of saying that I think @don_quixote is talking about the initial freezing and @kolok about confiscation at the other end of the process. There should be no situation where a bank is allowed to extra-judicially permanently seize assets.


Yes , thanks for clarifying Peter.

I should have made it clearer

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I’m unsure of what’s going to happen to her savings, but all banks allow you to move your funds to another bank account if they’re authourised. So if the lady has evidence that her money was made in a legitimate way, then Monzo is legally obliged to allow her to move her money out to a different bank account, or unfreeze her account completely.

The bank still have to look into the evidence, I guess in that case they were either verifying the evidence or law enforcement asked them to freeze the account so they were waiting for them to tell them how to continue

TL,dr they couldn’t just release the money on receiving a pdf.

Yeah that’s what I meant. Obviously the evidence has to be scrutinized by several officials.

So either she will be getting the money back, or the law has decided that it’s illegal money and therefore not hers, she hasn’t lost it.

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Yeah pretty much. Her story did seem pretty genuine and I don’t think she’s naïve enough to take part on a show she knows she’s in the wrong haha. But hey, who knows

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Let’s stay away from trying to analyse individual cases. We don’t (and should never) have all the info, so it’s safer (imo) to talk about the broad problem rather than trying to unpick examples.


Yeah I agree. A lot of people who have run into this problem, need rehabilitation and are having a tough time at the moment, including myself. This community is here to help! The clouds will lift. There is sunlight above the clouds, and they will lift. Crisis has come to teach you the big lesson you’re meant to learn to move to the next chapter of your life!