Need advice, cifas cat 6 marker. can I get a monzo current account

So basically as a result of a very, very stupid thing I done when I was 17 I have a cifas cat 6 marker on my name and it’s caused me to be unable to get a bank account, and being unable to get a bank account has made me unable to get a job cause i’d have nowwhere to get my wages paid into, it’s completely turned my life upside down and I’m literally suicidal about this as i feel i’ve gotten myself into a situation that i can’t get out of. It was a terrible mistake that i made and a horrible thing to do, i was a stupid, naive kid, but i just want to be able to get my life back on track and get back to normal, would i be able to do this with monzo? or would the cifas marker stop me from being able to make an account like it does with other bank accounts?


I know of at least 2 people who have had markers and posted on this forum, both were able to open an account. Give it a go, you may need to provide further information but no harm trying

Good luck :crossed_fingers:

Give this a read CIFAS marker check


Welcome @scott97

Monzo also have a dedicated team that can help you in times where you may feel down when it comes to finances, as you have mentioned in your post. If you get in touch with them, they can point you in the right direction and provide you with valuable help.

I hope things go well for you and we, the community are here to support you with any questions that you have.

All the best!


If anyone can help you get back on track, Monzo can. Give it a go and get in touch. Best of luck.


is monzo a prepaid thing? or is there free accounts available? cause I have no money to get a prepaid account

It used to be prepaid. But now it’s a full fledged bank account.

I’ve seen that thread before. he didn’t mention which level of marekr he had. i’m just worried cause mine is the worst, category 6, and I’m aprehensive of trying to make an account with monzo if they reject me cause that might cause the 6 years it takes for thse markers to get removed from yuor name to go back to zero so i’d have to wait another 6 years to be able to get an account

so you don’t have to pay any money to get an account?

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To add to this, you get an account number and sort code, so you can have direct debits, direct credits (salary/income) as well as being able to deposit cheques (and soon cash). You can also do bank transfers.

No cash needed to open an account, nor to get a card.

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I thought because it was a soft check it didn’t affect your record in the same way a hard check would

Send an email to and explain your situation. They should let you know in more detail before you apply. Be prepared for a bit of a wait though, they’re snowed under at the moment

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what do you mean?

Many banks perform “hard” credit searches (which are checks visible to other lenders) when you apply for a current account. Monzo doesn’t do that, they only perform a soft search, which is only visible to you when you obtain your credit file, so it doesn’t affect your credit score. Good luck :+1:


Soft check is just like a quotation search. Just checks you are who you say you are and other basic information. Hard check is the full credit application check. The first doesn’t affect your credit score

Edit: what Marcel said above :see_no_evil:


do they check cifas though? I want to be completely up front with them that i have this cifas fraud marker on my name so they know i’m not trying any bullshit with them, I’m just really, really desperate for an account so i can get my life back to normal and actually start off my adult life which i haven’t been able to do because of all of this. i was also worried that if they do reject me because of this cifas marker it will reset the marker back to zero so i’ll have to wait a full 6 more years to be able to open any account

That’s something only a member of staff can tell you
@simonb @HughWells @BethS


is there a way i can directly send a message to a staff member?

I’ve tagged along some staff members in my post above, hopefully one of them will get back to you.
You could also send an email to, explaining your situation as you have done here.

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Hello @scott97 :wave:

First of all, I’m really sorry that this situation has caused you to go to such a bad place for your mental health. If you don’t mind me asking, have you got support for that?

We do a soft credit check as others have mentioned, and thus far we haven’t refused a customer for an account due to their credit file. You would be limited to a basic bank account as it would likely stop you being eligibles for the overdraft and lending features.

The 6 years should never be reset on anything to do with a credit file. This should always have a fixed date.

I’d be more than happy to help you with Monzo and setting up an account.


thanks, and no but I have been considering it the last few days as I feel I’m on the verge of trying to kill myself

and you mentioned credit check/file. I don’t think my situation is related to a credit file or anything. it’s cifas and fraud database things. I just want to be upfornt and make it clear to you that that is what this is about so it doesn’t seem dodgy, i have a cifas cat 6 fraud marker on my name, would i still be able to open an acount with yous or would the ciafas marker make it a no?