CIFAS Cat 6 Marker

When I was 16 I made a really bad mistake which was resulted with my bank account being closed and as a result I’ve recieved a CIFAS Cat 6 Marker and unable to open any bank accounts. My life is now a disaster because I am unable to get my student bursary and I’m literally dying mentaly. I just want to ask if I am able to get a monzo account or am I going to be rejected?

No one on the forum will be able to answer 100%, though you may receive some decent advice on things to look into.

The best thing to do to get official information would be to email with the details of your situation.

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This has been raised previously on here, and Monzo won’t reject you outright based on this (I believe).


As @tbutz mentioned above, from past topics that are similar to your situation Monzo don’t appear to deny you an account based on your marker.

There are likely many other factors they take into consideration so their advice has always been to just apply and find out.

Fingers crossed for you mate :crossed_fingers: