Cifas Marker and Monzo closed my account?

So this morning I woke up to a notification in my Monzo feed saying that Ineeded to transfer my money away from Monzo because my account is being closed, I have attached a screen recording of everything that’s gone in and out of my account so please have a look and comment if you see something wrong and if you have any question I will happily provide answers and specifics. No money has been received except from my girlfriend and that was about 60£ which she owed me and my account was used for everyday spending such as Lidl, McDonald’s, amazon the stuff a normal person spends on. I do have a cifas marker from Santander for fraud because I had given my account to someone for money (promised money) and got caught. (IF YOU EVER HAVE THAT CHANCE DONT DO IT!!!) I’m 16 and my life has been ruined because of it and that was the reason I opened a Monzo account because they gave people with cifas markers a chance?? Well I guess not and if there’s any other places that you know of that would take a 16 year old with a cifas marker please tell me because I need my wages payed in there soon! I appreciate any help and replies.


Some major banks offer basic accounts for those who struggle to find a bank account. Have a read here;


You had a couple of payments from Coinbase. I think crypto is against Monzo’s T&Cs.

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I don’t believe it’s against the T&Cs but the frequency of the transactions, combined with the CIFAS marker, is bound to get an account flagged for review. What happens from that point forward is purely down to each bank’s policy, and Monzo have proven to be very risk averse to date.


I believe i only recieved about 2 or 3 payments from coinbase but only 2-5£ each, the rest was me buying bitcoin for trading. If it is against tos well i guess that was a massive mistake on my part and i appreciate any answers that may still come reguarding any one having issues with cifas and if they got any accounts eith the marker

I think it was having McDonald’s and kfc on the same day

Crypto is often used for money laundering so it could be the crypto mixed with your history but just guessing


Nobody here can know for sure what caused this, and Monzo is unlikely to advise any further given the nature of the issue. But there’s payments from Coinbase over £200, along with regular crypto payments, which I suspect would stand out with a previous CIFAS history.


I was hungry…


And oh I forgot about the 200£ from coinbase. I am so stupid I had forgotten about that account I had an withdrew that money which was lying there and well I think I’d rather have 200£ less and have a bank account. :sob::sob::sob::sob:

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It’s just speculation at this point, it may not be the issue. Monzo has a history of being risk averse, and I’m speculating based on this. Cryptocurrency trading is a minefield of risk, and in the same position as Monzo I’d probably view it unfavourably along with past markers.


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And as for the “fee-free” accounts on they website none of them are for 16 year olds :frowning:

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In the video what is the ‘we need some more information’ notice at the top of your feed?

Did you give them the information that they needed?


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