Need advice, cifas cat 6 marker. can I get a monzo current account

The advice is to just apply for an account and see what they say :slight_smile:

Ah I see where you are coming from, as @Rat_au_van has mentioned above it seems rare for Monzo to reject giving people an account based on a CIFAS marker.

But it might reassure you to hear that Monzo do a soft check when checking your credit file for your application. This means your credit report won’t be impacted in a way visible to others by trying to get an account.

This means you have nothing to lose by going through the registration process in app and seeing what happens.

I’m sure the capable hands at Monzo will do what they can to get you up and running with an account.

Good luck with it, let us know how it goes :slightly_smiling_face:

Would you mind sharing how you got the marker? If nothing else it may help someone in the same situation in the future

Hope this gonna help a few ppl like u and me out there,I personally have a cat 6 cifas marker(1 year to go until removal) and monzo has opened me an account last year with no trouble,and my story stands like this,2014 I’ve paid a restaurant with one card and got a refund on a completely different card,now the bank in question shut my account down under fraud,as no payment was made to the restaurant from that specific account, didn’t even knew about the marker until 2 years ago when I had trouble with my business account,filed complaint to bank in question for them to remove it but no luck as they 100% sure is fraud,gone to ombudsman who put it in my favour,went to cifas to ask them to remove it but they can’t unless the bank agrees,few months back I just have it and I’ll just wait the time to pass,that’s the best thing to do


Scary. I do this all the time with car hire deposits. Pay them on a credit card, get a refund to a debit card. Maybe I should stop.

Push it back to the FOS and ask them to put it right. There’s no reason not to. You shouldn’t have to work around their mistakes.

Wow :open_mouth:

Glad to hear you got some compensation for your troubles and thankfully it didn’t seem to affect you too much (other than opening a business account).

Definitely STOP that!

I always thought refunds had to go back on the same account you paid with :open_mouth:

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I didn’t got compo lol my business account is still not open,the FOS is pushing as much as they can but cifas has no power over the bank,the only option bi have now is to take the decision from FOS to court and then I’ll get it removed but is costly and time consuming and is 1 year left I’m not sure I can be dealing with the process,I’m self employed so I can use my current account with monzo and basic account with nationwide until the time passes

Sadly I e learn that the hard way,I didn’t know either a few years ago

Ahh that’s rubbish. I know the ombudsman generally give really low amounts of compensation but I’m shocked that you didn’t get anything at all.

I’m sure a year will go by pretty quick and hopefully you can then put it behind you :crossed_fingers:

Sounds similar to people who use their credit card to pay into their Paypal account to then transfer it to their debit account.

I guess Mastercard really don’t like it when you circumvent their cash withdrawal charges :confused:



Cose they are the ones who plunked my cat 6 cifas marker for a £31.50 refund lol and no luck with complaining to them

Me too. An I think that officially, it does.

The company I use asks for the card for the refund. I chanced my arm, and handed over my Monzo card. It worked fine, so I did it every time. Unfortunately (or maybe luckily) they’ve changed the system, so that they now automatically refund to the original card.

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I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who has been affected by Cifas.

I only recently found out that a card I had lost literally days after getting it back when I was 16 was used for fraud, which could have been so easily prevented if I had just reported my card missing.

I’ve just turned 20 and I am a student at university, it’s only now that Cifas has decided to mark me, making me “a risk to the bank”. After spending more than three years with Santander. I am appalled at how quickly they froze my bank and how little time they gave me till they would eventually close it for good with no explanation apart from ‘data that has been stored in a “third party company” has flagged me as a potential threat’.

I have student finance as well as my earnings that need to be banked; and contracts, memberships and fees that need to be paid.

I have made a Monzo account and I’m grateful that I have a place to put my money for now.

My question is will Monzo freeze my account and eventually close it? and if so; how will it be possible to transfer the money as there is no local branches for Monzo?

Why would getting a refund from a company that you never paid (using that account) flag as fraud , am I missing something?

Edit: flags as money laundering?

If so any well known car rental should hopefully not get flagged.

No one on the forum can know if Monzo will shut the account, but as long as everything is above board you will hopefully be fine.

If they close an account and they release the money they will transfer it to another account, I believe, but not 100% sure that you can choose any account for example a family members.