Need advice, cifas cat 6 marker. can I get a monzo current account

I haven’t come across it being something that we have rejected a sign-up on. I can look into it and get a definitive answer for you, but likely won’t get an answer until tomorrow.

Please seek some help, even if it’s the Samaritans or something for a chat in the meantime


thank you that would great, I really appreciate it. and any help you could give me with this information at all would be a great help no matter how long it takes.thanks again


If you do get an account Monzo are one of the very few banks that I’m aware of that have a vulnerable customers team. They can help customers in all sorts of situations by making bespoke changes to the app/services that you get to make your life easier :slight_smile:


Sorry to hear that. As someone who doesn’t know you or your circumstances, I probably don’t know how bad you feel at the moment. But as someone who has been through bad times with money and had to wait over 6 years to get rid of all the markers and stigma, I’d say that it’s not as bad as you think.

During the time I felt really low, but looking back it was stupid. Whatever you did will be forgiven, creditors soon forget and loved ones might seem angry with you but blood is thicker than water and if you keep trying to be the best person you can be you will be happy and have a successful life.

If you ever want to chat feel free to DM me.



Since the FCA, and TCF, vulnerable customer teams are pretty much standard in financial services.


Ahhh ok cool. never knew that. At least the OP knows for certain now either way :slight_smile:

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I don’t know of any specific regulations to monitor the teams.


Monzo is a member of CIFAS, however it does not check the Fraud Database.It only has Immigration portal access, unless that has changed recently. That is why it opens accounts for everyone. It will obviously check your credit record, and like has been said, they haven’t refused an account so far, because they can offer an account with no credit, so to the bank there is no risk.

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@scott97 - Please do come back and let us know how you go on. Your story really touched me last night. I knew almost nothing about CIFAS, beyond that they existed, before your post made me have a good research on the internet about it.

I’m amazed at the prevalence and outright shamelessness of the scams just a few clicks away and, having once been a kid/student before (once upon a time) I can see how strong the temptation is to get some quick money with someone going on about AC and ‘squares and deets’ and it all go wrong so quickly. I don’t think it’s right - you clearly know what you did was most definitely wrong - I can just understand how someone would go down that path. My own children could quite easily be in your situation. It’s likely more through luck than anything else that they aren’t.

The impact that a CIFAS marker can have on your life is staggering, and 6 years is a long time to live with a naïve teenage decision. Its not that far off a criminal sentence. Indeed, if you broke into someone’s house and stole that amount of money you’d get nowhere near 6 years and you’d still be able to get a basic bank account to enable you to get a job and rehabilitate yourself.

Again, I see why it exists, and it’s important that it does, but the potential impact of a CIFAS marker has surprised me. Especially that it can be done without any sort of due process or independent oversight and without telling the subject.

I hope Monzo can help. If they can’t I hope you find someone who can. I hope you are genuine about wanting to make good on your past mistakes and I hope you do. I’ve no doubt 6 years will fly by then.

Good luck brother.


thank you for the kind words


My friend signed up for a Monzo account 2 months ago after he was referred to get one due to having the same problem as you. He was accepted the same day so you should be fine.

Because Monzo has limits on how you you can use your account (to minimise fraud risks) they only run soft checks to check that it is actually you signing up for an account and that you or your details aren’t being impersonated.

If you can’t get a high street bank account at all I’d recommend you choose this one. It’s the best online bank imo and has the same features as a HS bank (direct debits, instant payments, acc number/sc, online/otp helpline and fscs protection) majority of online banks would either not offer everything or charge for these services.


How you getting on now mate, think I’m about to be in the same situation and it sucks alot, but I’m glad I found this place

Yo I’m in the same situation and I really need to speak to someone who’s been through this just so I can go down the right path, I would’ve DMd you but I’m not a high enough level :joy:


The official advice is to apply and if they need any more info they will contact you. Of all the threads i’ve seen on this nobody has come back and said they were refused an account


I really need help, I’m exactly in the same shoe as him and I really don’t know what to do with my life :sob::sob:. I’m just really scared

Just follow Emma’s (@Rat_au_van) advice and see what they say


It’s not letting me follow them

Hi Sakib :wave:

I’m sorry to hear about your situation. What issue are you having with signing up?

As noted, you just need to apply through the Monzo app, and you will be contacted should they need any further information from you.

@sakibhassan This :arrow_up:

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I’m sort of the same situation as @scott97