Monzo closing bank cifas cat6

Hi can someone please help me on this. I had a cat 6 cifas marker on my file on 2019 via Lloyds ive been using monzo as my main account all my other accounts were shutdown previoulsy and now my monzo is closing in 2months time. Ive tried all the online ones starling monese etc and have not been successful. Im on verge of losing my job if i have not got access to a basic account.

Please advise me what i can do.

P.S the marker was placed back in 2019 and want to discuss what options i have now rather then talk about whats already happened.

Have you tired CashPlus bank?

See if your local credit union offers accounts you can pay wages directly into or ask at banks who offer basic bank accounts


As far as I know there’s nothing you can do. Monzo will close your account and that will be that.

All I can think of is perhaps a pre paid account (Think money) or one such as that. Or perhaps a credit union.
Try Googling pre paid accounts and see what comes up.

Good luck. :crossed_fingers:

You had suggestions a few months ago, how did you get on with this?


Ive got a crediot union setup but have not been using it yet. Only reason is i need bank statements to apply for my wifes spouse visa. Next month i will receive the 6th statement which is the last one i need to submit her application. I stil do want to have access to a bank than just credit union though. Ive tried cash plus aswell they all have declined me.

Ok then you’ll have your statements from Monzo and you’ll have your credit union for your wages. Have you checked to see if you can get your wages paid into that one by your employer?

It will be difficult to open anything else for the next 4 years so stick with the credit union if it works the way you need it to

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Hi yes i applied for this and this was also refused. Its due to the marker. I can get eages paid in to credit union its just in 2.5 years i will have to apply for her visa extension and they request documents again. Id rather it comes from a bank than credit union as home office can be abit funny sometimes.

I’m sure the home office will be able to see you have a cifas so they’ll more likely understand

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You’ll need to contact every bank that offers basic bank accounts and plead your case. It won’t be easy and it’s not guaranteed but it’s your only choice if you want an actual bank account with a bank

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Three words that have never been seen together before without ‘don’t’ being involved


How would i plead with them on this as its pretty much automated applying online or in branch itl flag up on there system.

Go in and talk to them.

Of course it’ll flag up on the system, that’s the entire reason behind the marker. Go in and be honest and upfront about the marker and ask if they can help

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Applying in branch is your best option and before you start the application process tell them.
They might give advice that you haven’t heard before, on some cases they’ll probably apply to see if it gets rejected and if it does the branch can appeal but this will depend on the reasonings that got you the marker in the first place.
Some building societies like nationwide provide statements.


Have you tried Revolut?

Yes i forgot to mention ive had a account with them from a while ago however they are also part of cifas now so woudnt count on them.

To avoid this topic becoming a repeat of your last one. I’d suggest sticking with your credit union until your marker expires. Or at least give it a few years, not months.

You’re potentially doing yourself more damage by continually applying to all sorts of banks. Especially, since in your last topic you said you’ve already applied to them all. Nothing seems to have changed so you’re unlikely to get a different outcome.

Have you appealed your marker or is it justified?


try revolut, it basically does the same as monzo but better

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That may be his best choice, as Revolut is not a bank, but an eMoney company, they may ignore the marker

CashPlus that I mentioned are a bank but don’t do a credit check. You just have to pay £10 for the card. Would that help?

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