Native macOS app or iOS app support for Apple silicon?

Hello Monzo!

I’ve been an account holder for nearly a year now and while I think the iOS app is great, I really would like to see either a native macOS app or at least the ability to run the iOS app for those of us on Apple Silicon.

As Monzo doesn’t really have a web app(apart from the emergency one) it would be really convenient to be able to check my account, make transfers etc…from my Mac especially if my phone is in the other room. Is this something the team have considered?

Hi. Welcome.

There has been talk of a desktop app but I doubt they’ll make it for such a niche subset. I found this thread and there is a workaround apparently.

This one got zero votes, which isn’t a great sign!

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Way before Apple silicon was a thing though! It requires effectively no work to put the app on mac at this point.

Let’s not forget, iPad is running M1 now, and the Monzo app runs on iPad. I don’t think it needs many, or any, votes to justify enabling it now.

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No, but it’s still the same user base.

It definitely requires some work, I’m sure there was another thread about it but I didn’t look very hard to find it. Votes don’t mean anything either way.

iOS apps are now enabled by default for macOS once developers accept the latest developer agreement. App developers have the option to make an app unavailable for Mac (rather than choosing to make it available). It is likely that for some reason Monzo have chosen deliberately to stop the app being available on Mac (e.g. reliance on sensors in the iPhone etc)

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