Monzo on Apple Silicon (M1)

Hi all,

Has anyone tried the Monzo app on the new MacBook Pro with the new M1 chip?

You can’t without a workaround I don’t think.

@ravipatel checked on their’s and the Monzo app is missing, unfortunately.

I’m not sure why they opted out of having the app on the Mac App Store, hopefully someone from Monzo will say why. I’ve put in a feedback request to Monzo to ask for it too.


To be fair I’ve seen a fair few apps that have opted out. I was hoping to run Pocket Casts on my Mac but no joy.


It’s a shame. I’d love to know why developers are doing that. Especially if they don’t already have a Mac version of their app available.

Edit: perhaps something to do with this

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Given that they were satisfied with letting the Android app run under Chrome OS (which Starling also support, but Revolut do not), I would say it is for technical rather than spiritual reasons


I suspect you’re right! Especially after the reading the article I just amended my post with.

@ravipatel are you able to check if any other banking apps are available or missing? Would be pretty useful to compile a list I think.

Most apps work on M1 unofficially, I’ve got Monzo on my loaded on to the MacBook however when trying to login, I get a ‘We couldn’t establish a secure connection to Monzo’ Maybe Monzo use something in the iPhone for verification of the device/app?





The Monzo app checks your OS version against a whitelist of allowed OS.

This is why the Monzo app doesn’t work on the new major iOS betas.

Monzo would need to add the macOS 11 versioning to this list to allow the app to launch on macOS.

Starling do the same thing, for the record.

Thanks for compiling that list!

I find it very interesting that Barclaycard is available yet Barclays is not. These days both apps provide the same service and functionality and can be used interchangeably, presuming you’re a customer of both.

I am a regular iOS beta user and that is not accurate. I have been able to use iOS 13 and iOS14 when they were released as betas with Monzo.

The reasons they have not worked at times is bugs within iOS or the Monzo app itself but work arounds were found last year and easily used again this year so this kind of proves there is no whitelist.

I have had continuous use of the Monzo app since the very start of the iOS 14 beta until its recent release.

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My friend with a Macbook Pro M1 sideloaded the app - crashes on statrtup along with many other bank apps - seems to be trigger jailbreak detection

Fun fact: Apps on M1 show as running on an iPad 8.6



Anything to back that up with, or just some Sunday-night Apple poo-flingling?


How about their anti-consumer practices in after sale support.

Or their need to stamp out people’s right to repair at every turn.

Or how they have been fined many times for misleading advertising and monopolising.

I could go on.

You could have just said no.

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Don’t really know what you mean. Apple have world-class support offering online and phone support for both software and hardware.

One of the above is the repairability score for the iPhone 12 Pro, the other for the Galaxy Note 20/ Note 20 Pro. I’ll leave it up to you to guess which is which.

Which company hasn’t been fined for misleading advertising? And Apple aren’t quite as monopolistic as some other companies.

Also, there is no proof in your comment just accusations. Come back when you have proof. Or don’t as you’re just trolling an Apple thread


seems subjective.

And a “Repairability Score” isn’t?

So you’ve come into an Apple thread to troll, been called out/corrected and now you’re throwing around insults?

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