App for Mac

Hi, Monzo.

Is there any chance you lovely folks will bring the iOS Monzo app to macOS Catalina?

It’s my understanding that Project Catalyst could make this rather trivial from a dev perspective.

Worth noting that Monzo don’t have an iPad app, so I imagine this is quite a bit more work than it would seem.

Project catalyst won’t work with iPhone only apps.

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There is an unofficial app on github, link is on here somewhere.

True but you can use the normal mobile app on an iPad .

You can, but project Catalyst won’t work with those apps. For this to work, Monzo would need to adapt their app specifically for the iPad (like Starling).

Even then, there is no guarantee that they’d want it on the Mac as well.

From a codebase perspective an iPhone and iPad app would be identical, but Project Catalyst would mean that if Monzo were to be adding iPad support, it could potentially roll in macOS with one fell swoop.


This would be great. When I signed up my iPhone was too old to support Monzo so I had to sign up using BlueStacks. I did not really switch to Monzo until I got a new phone.

Well Apple just announced that their next generation Macs will run unmodified iPhone and iPad apps so I guess this is solved :smiley:

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Well… it can now be done… but you shouldn’t if you have an iPhone as well as a Mac as you’ll be logged out your iPhone…

Totally a viable way of using Monzo from a Mac for Android