Will Monzo also run on my MacBook [muti-target app]?

Thanks for any info just curious if I upgraded to the M1/M2 Macs whether Monzo has opted out of this awesome feature or will I be able to use the Monzo Bank app on my MacBook and do my banking on my MacBook.



Nope. I don’t know, personally, of a great deal or apps that support this currently but perhaps I’m unlucky.

I also edited the post title because it was hard to read, hope you don’t mind.

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Thanks for the replies. As far as I am aware when Apple released it, it meant that by default there would be a Mac app, simply porter over from the IOS app with nothing for developers to do, with developers having to opt out. So Monzo must have opted out from the IOS being available on the Mac.

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I’m not a dev as such so this might be slightly incorrect but.

In Xcode you select the target that your app will be available by. For example Mac, iPad etc.

I believe that some apps can now be built for one device but be able to run across multiple devices but this isn’t anywhere near standard as yet. Perhaps one day.

Perhaps someone who knows more about dev can explain better than me.

I don’t know the reason why, but i suspect it’s because Monzo can only run on one Android device and one iOS device per user. My guess would be that they think the number of folk that would run Monzo on a Mac desktop but not on an iPhone would be infinitesimally small.

What we really need is for Monzo to upgrade their security model to properly support multiple devices…

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