Mac app


So I was thinking wouldn’t it be great if Monzo was available for the Mac? But it had much more in-depth features that would rival some already Mac money apps like more detailed extension to the current budgets and summary sections, transaction history, trends and able to download and view statements.

It would be great to have a money app that actually links up to your bank account automatically without having to pay a monthly fee or having to sign in every time it wants access.

A really cool idea would be that you could automatically create information regarding work expenses if you’ve marked a transaction as expenses, making it easier to collate and submit information for tax returns or for work finance expenses (travel / accommodation etc)

Anyway just a thought :wink:

P.s … doesn’t just have to be a Mac :wink:

@Sherlock - When you see questions like this, I just imagine you looking up in the sky and seeing the equivalent of the bat symbol from Batman…


Care to elaborate?!? ha

Haha - I was gonna leave you in suspense.

A Monzo customer @Sherlock, who happens to posses a flair for development and design (anyone would think it was his job), is working on this.

Have a read of this thread:


Ha! - That looks promising!

Fingers crossed it becomes a reality soon! :wink:

Haha thanks for the mention @nickh! Need to work on that bat signal feature :wink:

So Morezo is being built in many ways as an extension to the normal apps as opposed to offering completely unique experiences (though there are/will be a few unique things) more about tryna make it easier to view/manage your Monzo account!

There definitely is a plan to show more around transactional history, trends and exporting of statements (though it’s all WIP).

The main issue is the Monzo APIs are fairly limited, so while I’d love to do more with trip reports etc, this is currently not possible with public APIs!

Also as I’m not self-employed, I’m not too familiar on what information is necessary for tax returns. Obviously if there’s a way I can make that easier, I’d definitely be up for giving it a shot!


Wow all sounds great and exactly what I’m looking for.
I used to be freelance not so much anymore and just know from experience an intergrated app that can sort out money and calculations would save a lot of time.
That’s a shame about work expenses as I go on tour a lot ( work backstage in theatre) so I have to keep receipts for travel, food and accommodation.

Looking forward to following the morezo journey!!