Nationwide Web and App Fail

(Herp Derp) #1


What a surprise - who would’ve thought that rust from the 1980s-era would eventually fail. :joy:



This can happen to any service provider there system might be prone to failure more than new banks like Monzo but we know Monzo can not guarantee 100% up time.


I would still trust 2016-era technology more than 1980s rust. :wink:

(Carl) #6

Someone asked me how I would improve the Nationwide online banking system today, I replied where do I start. Awful experience.

(Tony Hoyle) #7

B bank has taken a dump this afternoon too… their app just says ‘we are experiencing internet connection issues’ and their twitter isn’t being very forthcoming on timescales for a fix.

I wonder if they’re linked somehow…


Nationwide use a SAP platform, think the deal was signed in 2008. There was some implementation since then.


Did they ever pull it off? Having seen how their systems work from a customer’s perspective I can’t imagine it being powered by SAP. I don’t even like SAP but I believe even they can do better than what Nationwide has.


Live in 2013 apparently… I no fan of SAP either. I have my primary current account with Nationwide, l am disappointed with their performance of late. Whilst their IT didn’t rock the World, it was at least reliable… I won’t make the switch to Monzo fully until CASS implementation.

(Jake MacGregor) #11

How come you’re waiting for CASS? Just out of interest. I would prefer to spend the effort of moving payments over myself to make monzo my main account more quickly, plus then I know the direct debits will be changed and work properly


My partner would go ballistic if l asked him to change my Bank details for his standing orders and payee details from his account to me. I have been known to hop around account providers.

Also l like the security/confidence l know that payments will be redirected etc. Used CASS a couple of times and l find it great. It’s never gone wrong, unlike the way when l updated my salary details myself and sent the money to an account not mine.

(Jake MacGregor) #13

Ahhh… I get you, personally I’m just way too impatient


Nationwide are never online on a Sunday morning. I am always online on a Sunday morning so this is a major problem.

An unplanned outage and heartfelt apology from the CEO with an action plan is entirely forgivable and even a positive experience, however constant “planned” outages and no regrets at all, just a “we have to do this all the time to update our systems. Thanks” is completely unacceptable approaching the dawn of Open banking.

The only reason I haven’t fully left this steaming pile is because Monzo hasn’t yet got a solution for joint banking. Even if it was just a pot that had dual access I would joyfully march in to nationwide and tell them where to stick their account.

The weird thing is - IIRC from a forum poll - nationwide is the number one “other bank” for Monzo power users despite having quite a small uk market share, which implies this is the best tech alternative out there. :thinking:

(Nick) #15

Quite so! Please Monzo community grow up, you come across a a cub for fanboys in the time honoured Apple fanboys tradition. You have 0 evidence that Fintech is going to prevail or that it will be either reliable or secure.


You have 0 evidence that Fintech is going to prevail or that it will be either reliable or secure.

Well in this case legacy banks wouldn’t be scrambling to upgrade their systems, and PSD2 wouldn’t exist.

Also I have evidence - my Monzo app doesn’t go down every Sunday night for “planned maintenance”. :wink:


I think if the more traditional Banks wanted to take out fintech it would be via acquisition rather than the more troublesome route of upgrading systems.