Legacy bank downtime


Within the last 2 hours, Lloyd’s (and Halifax) online banking has been broken on desktop and via mobile app for varying durations for customers.

If this was Monzo, we’d no doubt get an app notification the following day of an apology for the downtime and the inability to do any online banking or register for services.

Yet I don’t think I’ll hear anything from either Lloyd’s or Halifax about the issues :frowning:

So hurray for Monzo! (And hopefully you don’t get these sorts of issues in the future)


Nationwide has a history of downtime regarding their mobile app and online banking pretty much every week - they even give you an obnoxious heads up the days leading to the downtime (usually happening every week) every time you open the app or login online.

(Moaria) #3

Nationwide give you a heads up, an estimated down time amount (never right usually runs for 1/2 day longer) and even when you click saying ‘don’t show me this again’ it shows you again the next time you log in. I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that I have to call or contact my ‘personal advisor’ (I’m beta testing a chat facility for them) not great,but still better than the one that’s embedded in the Sky app, and I have to ask them what the pending transactions on my account are because they don’t show, sometimes for up to 7 days endless frustration with that I can tell you


At least you get a heads up!

I think they all handle pending transactions slightly differently :frowning:

Natwest wont show a Direct Debit on your account until the first payment
comes out (this can sometimes take months), but HSBC add as soon as they
get the DD instruction and just have a ‘last payment amount’ as 0, I think
they have a next payment date too

(Moaria) #5

Nationwide add DD’s as soon as they are added as well, which isn’t too bad cos at least you know it’s set up. I also have a credit card that takes 2-3 days to show a payment has been made to it cos it doesn’t accept faster payments😳 But they are all fast enough to email you and charge you same day if you go a penny over your limit.


The lack of updating on the Credit Card winds me up. I can see that £1200 has gone out of my account, but it’s not reflecting on the C/Card!

(Mark Edmonds) #7

It does on my Barclaycard. It shows a pending payment on the app.
The same way Monzo does, however it shows it more user friendly in the feed.