[monzo.me] 3D Secure Failing Monzo.me (Nationwide)

Discourse warned me about reviving this topic, I chose to make a new one instead! :stuck_out_tongue:

This does my head in… I try to sell so many friends, family & colleagues on Monzo but when stuff like this happens it makes Monzo look awful! (Even though it’s likely the legacy bank at fault…)

I’ve had two separate friends at work attempt to send me money via monzo.me - neither has worked and they’ve both resorted to FPS to pay me (:cry:)
Both of these friends bank with Nationwide (though one of them just showed me their Monzo card, they signed up after monzo.me failed haha). For whatever reason 3D secure fails! Even with Apple / Google Pay instead of just manually entering card details.

The mobile form for billing details via Apple Pay on iOS sucks (apparently) all the fields are hidden and off screen, etc. But no matter the method, Nationwide does not seem to support Monzo.me (I’ve had a 3rd friend who has had Nationwide work on Monzo.me… But I have no idea what would’ve been different with that!

Anything I can do? Anything Monzo can do?

It sucks and when people say “Monzo, huh?” and are already slightly apprehensive then when they finally give it a go to pay me back it goes wonky :frowning:

(Sorry! Don’t want to sound like I’m hating on Monzo, I’m not, I love Monzo :joy: :hot_coral_heart: just want to make the first time a user interacts with somebody elses Monzo to be perfect! :smiley:)


I heard multiple people reporting issues with Nationwide - looks like their fraud protection system doesn’t like Monzo at all.