Nationwide banking down!


Can’t transfer Money can’t pay my bar tab! CNt transfer internally or extersnllly to Monzo or Starling! Embarrassed & call waiting to be answered for 47 minutes now! There current ad campaign is now a total waste of £

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All banks have failures, a lot. I mentioned this in regards to cards on another topic, but it’s true of current account functions as well. Always have money spread between multiple accounts, accessible on multiple cards, etc. These products aren’t terribly reliable (they’re good, but not on the level of something like Google or Facebook - and even they have outages semi-often, though often on a regional basis due to their distributed architecture).

I’m also not sure how an outage makes their ad campaign a waste of money? Honestly, I doubt an outage, especially after 11pm, will have any real impact on sign-ups at all.

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So they are.


You don’t expect to have to with legacy banks not in Beta. But I’ll heed you advice from now on :+1:


I also disagree on your point . As I’m now nearly waiting an hour it’s clear this has affected many people paying there bar Tab. No all people are in bed by 11 dear chap. As they also have 15 million members… I’m not sure your analysis is correct. If jus 3 percent of those 15 million are calling right now ??

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I hate that ‘beta’ label in many ways, because in truth, modern release models are so much more complex than that. There are multiple release models used, but most are based on some type of overarching sprints/trains/continual service improvement/something strategy.

Being in the ‘stable’ channel/ring/train/whatever doesn’t mean something is perfect. Only that it’s good enough for the general user base. Add to that the number of things that can fail and that banking isn’t as highly distributed as, say, Google, and things happen.

We aren’t talking systems as hardened and tested as, say, avionics. It’s a balance, and it’s about finding the appropriate cost/time/reliability/usability/modernisation/etc balance for a given use case.

As someone who is a customer service manager, I can almost guarantee you they have nowhere remotely near 3% of their customer base calling in! I doubt anywhere near 3% have noticed there’s an issue, and the vast majority of those that have aren’t going to call in at 11pm. They’ll have high volume for sure, but it won’t be close to that number.

I’ve seen major system outages at work and the number of calls we get… is high, it’s all hands on deck for sure. But it’s a tiny tiny percentage of affected users.

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Always make sure you have at least 2 methods of payment :+1:

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For cards, I usually say three of everything. E.g. three networks, three different banking groups, three different places (in case of loss), so on and so forth…

For current accounts, that’d be a lot harder, but it’s still good to have at least two!


Well update, I have to say they were very apologetic and they gave me £75 compensation

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For an outage? Wow! That’s insanely generous.


I was happy . She was a charming girl from Fife in Scotland, I suppose the charm did help me a little


In relation to you being not sure how this affects their current ad campaign, the current ad campaign accentuates the mobile app, and there superiority in certain areas, obviously this puts this in question would you not agree?

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No I wouldn’t, actually. I don’t think very many people are expecting a bank to have the reliability Google has (and even they’re not perfect).

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This is why you should always have like 100 pounds in your wallet. Just in case of emergency when your bank is down and you need to pay for something right now.

Also a reason why I hate the creepy push to get rid of cash in some western countries. There will always be issues with computers and networks not working from time to time and cash is a fine fallback option. Don’t understand why some people are so keen on getting rid of it.

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I agree in principle, although I’ve never needed to carry that much cash on a day to day basis. As long as I have enough ‘get me home’ money, I’m happy.

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I wish they’d advertise their outages more widely. That’s a bandwagon is like to get on.