Outage - 12th July 2018 (UPDATE - Resolved as of 7pm)

Hey all!

We’re experiencing an outage at the moment to do with the Mastercard network - it’s affecting a large number of banks and Mastercard are working to resolve the problem. Some card payments may fail. We’ll keep you updated as soon as we hear more.

Even though this is outside of our control, please accept our apologies if you are affected by this.


Next it’s amex turn lol


Thanks got my text alert from you advising this.


What’s interesting is that a search on twitter shows people replying to bank tweets about the MasterCard outage and it’s all challenger banks like monzo Revolut bunq etc not a single legacy bank anywhere at the moment .

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Most legacy banks use Visa for debit cards. Although they do sometimes use MasterCard for credit cards.

Yeah, that’s because the vast majority of legacy banks don’t issue Mastercard cards for their debit cards.

Some do issue them for their credit cards, but even then most bank credit cards are Visa (if they issue Visa Debit, they might as well use them for their credit as well).


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Metrobank use Mastercard

TSB are suppose to be switching to MasterCard once they sort out their IT aren’t they?

I’ve just checked Twitter and neither Mastercard or Clydesdale have tweeted… good on Monzo for keeping people updated!

It doesn’t take much effort to send a quick tweet does it?


Sample size of 1, but my Lloyds Visa debit was just rejected at Tesco (as well as Monzo)

Mastercard got too proud after Visa?

Amex next?

Contactless on my card is all that’s working now. No contact or Google Pay. Contactless cards still come in handy, it’s too bad the EU is making them much less useful next year…


Ah, maybe that’s why my card worked in Aldi - I did it with contactless.

Just purchased some tickets online - transaction went fine.

What’s the EU doing?

A limit on five payments in a row without 2FA. Since as far as I know, there is no response code for ‘request online PIN but don’t require an insert’ that’s de-facto a ban on modern use of contactless cards, it will be like the stone ages of contactless.

Now, maybe there will be a new response code added. Or maybe the interpretation of ‘withdrawal limit exceeded’ will change from ‘use another interface’ to simply ‘enter PIN’. Someone like @Rika would have far more insight as to if there are changes like this in the pipeline to prevent contactless being sent back to the stone ages.

Now, Apple Pay and Google Pay are unaffected as they support strong on-device 2FA.


Do you have a source for this being from the EU? (Don’t disbelieve you, just geekily interested in regulation).

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Apple Pay worked fine for me this evening to use to purchase a bus ticket.


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Bought some stuff of eBay at 16:00 and all went through.

In regards to the Mastercard outage, this is why i have a Visa Debit handy too,.