Invite only: We're announcing our new name *next week*

Hey everyone!

I’m excited to say that we have a new name, and we’re just in the process of getting everything ready to switch across :tada:

We’re going to announce the new name at a launch event at our London office on Thursday 25th Aug (next week) at 6.30pm. There’ll also be a live stream on YouTube for those who can’t make it.

Tickets are very limited but sign up here if you want to come:

I’ll also release another batch of tickets tomorrow in case some people don’t see this message in time!

(very excited right now)


You had to put this in motion on the week that I’m on holiday.


Eek. Didn’t realise you were so close to where I work. It’s settled then!

Already setting up tent outside :joy::tada:

@tristan Still waiting on them :mondo: tees man…:eyes:…just saying :nerd:out…#MIC DROP


Won’t be able to be in London next Thursday but will definitely be watching the livestream.

Will be watching live steam

They’ll be after the new name for sure :smiley:

Fingers crossed for this second batch today… Was unfortunately at 36,000ft yesterday when the first ones were released. Any indication of what time @bailey? Not that I’m willing to structure my day around it or anything… :wink:

sure @wjs - midday OK?


Excuse my lack of technical knowledge - but what do we search for on You Tube - or do you have a link to share so I don’t miss it?

I will be ready and waiting @bailey - thanks!

No lack of technical knowledge! It’s just not built yet so we’ll post the link here and on Twitter/Facebook on the day :slight_smile:


That’s why I love M---- ! You guys are so quick to respond and helpful. The High Street Banks don’t stand a chance!

Well @tristan We holding you accountable, “We know who you are. You have what we want. If you are sourcing the fabric, we can get the cotton. What we have are a very particular set of skills, skills that we have acquired over waiting for :mondo: to become a registered bank. Skills that make posting things on the :mondo: community forum easy to find for people like you. If you let us have the tees on the 25th of August, that’ll be the end of it. We will not look for you, but post to you on the forum, We will not pursue you like in real life because we all work and i have to be home by like 10pm latest as my wife would be angry :sweat_smile:. But if you don’t :rage::rage::rage:…we could probably just keep reminding you nicely until we have one :smile: because we are really nice people.”

By “We” I mean @anon4562461 @Will1 @Dunsford(maybe he liked the comment) @AdamH(kinda jel he won one but he probaly wants another one) and all the other possible 17k people in the community!


Lol of course I want second one when my first one comes as I wailting for them to recieve new ones stock them bailey is sending me :slight_smile: did recieve this laptop top sticker while wailting

WHATTT!!! :eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::astonished:

OOHH I want it…:wind_blowing_face: Hey @AdamH it seems like you hav 2 extras…:eyes: you like sharing…:smiley:

Haha because Bailey loves me :wink: she gave me few

:zipper_mouth::dizzy_face:I think this meme from Stewie griffin can encapsulate my feelings :frowning2:

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Hey, where will the link to the tickets be?

Oh I wish …

I can travel to London but will be in Scarborough watching the end of the cricket. Please have a little event up north sometime, we’re not all heathens, we have progressed to wearing clothes. We even bank lol

Hope there’s some promotional stuff flying round lol. Would love to wow my friends. Hot Coral stickers would be great