Any ideas for our weekly 'all hands' meeting?

(Bailey Kursar) #1

So at Mondo HQ we’ve just started a rota for organising/hosting our weekly ‘all hands’ meetings (a great idea courtesy of @rdingwall!) :family:

The idea is that each week whoever is in charge will introduce their own sections, games, themes (or whatever they like!) so that we use the meetings not only as an opportunity to hear what everyone is up to, but also brainstorm ideas, hear about users and play fun games :raised_hands:

Some examples:

  • playing charades
  • asking people what’s making them anxious/excited
  • nominating those who go above and beyond for ‘smilies’ (special :mondo: stickers)

This coming Wednesday it’s my turn to host, and I wanted to get the community as involved as possible (that’s you… :grin:)

I’m thinking of introducing a community thread of week section, for instance, or a Tweet of the week. Also maybe games that centre around our users (off the top of my head, guessing game about facts like ‘which countries have yet to be Mondo’d’).

I’d love to (a) hear your ideas, and (b) if you have them, hear what you include in your company ‘all hands’ meetings. Thoughts?

PS - You’ll get a shoutout and a ‘smiley’ sticker from me if we use your ideas!

PPS - I might try a live stream of some of Wednesday’s meeting (5pm) if you’re interested…?

(James) #2

Along similar lines to charades, if you’ve heard of the game Heads Up you could create a special Mondo :mondo: pack, and see where that takes you?
Seems a little corny, but if you have objectives, or key facts or bits of info that a staff member needs to know, that could be a funner way to get them to remember it?

P.S. I’d love to see a live-stream of these meetings, the idea intrigues me :grinning:

(Josh Bray) #3

I think maybe talking about what you do outside of work. Any side projects people might be involved in. You’d be surprised what people are getting involved in.
And our meetings at work are very old fashioned. It’s the kind of company I work for unfortunately.

(Bailey Kursar) #4

I love the idea of Heads Up! Great idea.

(Bailey Kursar) #5

I like this - I read this at the weekend from Etsy, similar but a bit more extreme…


Please play the OWASP application security Snakes and Ladders board game at your “all hands”. Suitable for people of all sizes:

It’s free!

(Jonathan Jensen) #7

I think pulling out a key theme from the forums is an excellent idea. I would suggest that you take a theme that would benefit from wider input across the different Mondo teams. So even if (for example) it’s really a Marketing issue, you get ideas from (for example) Engineering. This clearly wouldn’t work for everything but for some ideas could be good - and fun for people who wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to input on the ideas.

(Bailey Kursar) #8

Great idea! Maybe like a “Here’s an idea” section where we could open up for suggestions…? :grinning:

(Bailey Kursar) #9

This is awesome. One for a board game night!

(Josh Bray) #10

It looks really cool. Would be great to see what comes of it. Keep us posted