N26 On Re applying for an Account?

I recently closed the account. If however I want to re apply in future how long do I have to wait I’m sure I read somewhere 10 years but they relaxed it.

I will only re open if they hugely make it worthwhile but just want to know the rules

I was told I wouldn’t ever be able to open one, I had MAJOR issues with attempting at signing up and the support I received was dreadful.

I think different people were told different things?

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I was told I could reopen immediately…

Oh no, sorry - that was Monzo :grin:

Really. One of the reasons I closed accou t down was customer service. No Standing orders and Saved payers… they really need to improve or they wont last long in the UK market

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Truth is, N26 has never gotten off the ground in the UK. A very poor launch after much hype.

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Yeah that’s another plus for Monzo. How long do Starling make you wait?

1 year from the accounts closure, attempting to re-open beforehand resets the counter.

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Does that include if you get declined too?

I think so? You can chat to customer service on Starling’s homepage who will be able to answer.

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Ok thanks

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Whilst I agree with you that without basic British banking features, like standing orders and Direct Debits, N26 is pretty useless, there is, of course, a sure–fore way to avoid the re–opening rules: Don’t close your account in the first place.

Genuinely interested as to why ‘not using but might come back’ equated to ‘close account’ for you. Why didn’t you just freeze your card and leave the account dormant?

Very true I wished I did now tbf of well lesson learned.
I will only ever attempt to re open account anyway if their features somewhat reach the level of Monzo.

1 I trust them.
2. Introduce Standing Oders and Saved Payees.
3.Saving products with Interest
4. Improved customer service

Where has the terms changed that if you attempt to reopen it early it restarts the counter? I tried multiple times to reopen my Starling account in the year it was closed and was able to open it a year to the day I closed it.

I agree with all the reasons you’ve listed as to why they’re unusable for now.