N26 Debit card issues

(Ben) #1

Ive had issues with my card being declined even tho i have funds in my account. N26 have confirmed they are having issues with Mastercard at certain UK retailers first reported at 9am.


I was just declined at Tesco

(Ben) #3

Same as me looks like its still happening. I also got declined at Sainsburys


It must be compulsory for each new bank to have one total balls-up of a day.

Poor communication though. Nothing in the app or on Twitter. At least Monzo sent out a notification when they had a similar issue…

(Ben) #5

Thats true i was thinking nothing on twitter with updates.

(paul jones) #6

my card declined at Asda message says excluded card


Have you used it successfully elsewhere? It’s not locked?

(paul jones) #8

yes used at tescos ,coop sainsbury’s have asked n26 they seem to think just a problem with asda pos