Business Card Acceptance

Anyone else having issues with card acceptance? I know some people have found this with HMRC, but I’ve noticed a few retailers now. Selecting “Mastercard Debit” triggers an error that it’s not that card type. But then the same happens if you choose “Mastercard Credit” or any other card type.

Is this because the BIN (my business debit card has 5351) isn’t yet on some card processor’s lists or something?

Just had this issue most recently with the Travelodge website. Couldn’t tell which card acceptance company they were using though. (Probs not too helpful!)

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I have used my card on Companies House (who use Barclaycard) which worked.

If you let us know through in app chat when you encounter issues, we can reach out to the merchants affected and get it sorted :slight_smile:

There aren’t too many business cards out in the wild, comparatively, which will contribute to acquirers not being aware of them sadly :confused:

Had problems at several petrol stations, Tesco didn’t even work in the kiosk.

I’ve also had issues at Tesco petrol stations. I’ve raised it with support every time it’s happened and have basically been told that they don’t know why it’s happening. I’m still waiting for a response from my last support messages.

My normal Monzo card works just fine every time now, but fuel for business wants to go on the business account…

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They’ve now come back to me to confirm it’s BIN issues again. Merchants (Asda specifically) just being slow with updating their systems and they’re going to chase it up.

We’ve also had problems at petrol stations. This was at Asda’s ‘pay at the pump’. Hopefully they update this soon.