My phone is lost

Hi there, just wondering what should i do if my phone is lost and i dont have any monzo app frendly device on me? I recently moved from london to Glasgow and would like to chane my address details. Alsogh ive got an email that my card expires in few days so i have to order a new one. Exp. date printed on my card is 12/22 so thats strange .
Any chances to do all that from browser?
Kind regards

You can manage basic things from however you’ll need to telephone or email them about the two specific issues you’ve mentioned.

In the mean time I’d recommend that you pop to Argos and get a cheap phone from there for the time being. I believe they’re as little as £20. Or hopefully you can make do with the web based option until your replacement phone arrives :slight_smile:


Thanx mate, will try to contact them by phone or email.

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No problem :slight_smile:

If you’ve got a friend or family member that you trust you can always install the Monzo app on their phone while you quickly replace your card and chat to them through the app. Just make sure that you log out and delete it afterwards.

Phone and email support isn’t the best but hopefully you get it sorted on way or another :crossed_fingers:


Sounds phishy. It would automatically be sent. What email address was it sent from?

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If? So you haven’t lost your phone?

Monzo won’t email you to tell you your card is expiring, you don’t order a new one either. It will come automatically.

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im sorry i did a mistake. that email ive got been from moneze. pretty similar internet banking as monzo. One problem less.
But i did lost my phone, so have no access to my monzo app. somewhy i cant install monzo app on my tablet. And of course to get a new contract phone my current address shold match with address provided in my monzo account.

not much you can do til you get a new phone

The web version will let you see the transactions but not much else

Try phoning the number on the back of your card to get the address changed

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